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Source: British House Of Lords News

07 July 2020
The House of Lords EU Goods Sub-Committee hears evidence from small businesses on how to facilitate UK-EU trade beyond tariffs.

Monday 6 July 2020 at 11:00am
Margaret Wood MBE, Chairman, ICW
Barry Leahey MBE, Managing Director, Playdale Playgrounds
Jayne Moorby, Marketing Manager, Oxley Group
Areas of interest
Possible questions that may be asked by the Committee include:
What are the main non-tariff challenges that could affect your businesses from January 2021?
How prepared are you for the end of the transition period? What level of UK-EU cooperation on regulatory standards and certification would you like to see?
How will the customs procedures from January 2021 affect your businesses, and how could their impact be mitigated?
What impact would a ‘no trade deal’ outcome have on your businesses?
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