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Mr President! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr President, ladies and gentlemen! I don’t know about you, but such a debate on a Friday is always a grab bag. You learn continuously. I have learned, dear colleague Klaus Ernst, a bit about the medical and substantive effect of a Detox and the rules of behavior in taverns. In the case of the naming of the amendments, I hope that, when it comes to structure, streamline and the like, not re-appropriate analogies will be sought.

Now in all seriousness. Mr Houben, today you have introduced as the first speaker, a request that is very important and it is worth debating. You have also pointed out that it is a permanent task. I think we both agree: It is a permanent task, to talk about red tape relief. At the point I would like to also note: We are not as yet arrived at the end of the flag pole. They portray themselves, often in self-perception, as a service of the opposition. That is why it is good, if it comes in the interplay together in the discussion.

In one of the following applies: to look both back as well as forward. The look says back – Mr Willsch has pointed out, that already with the red tape relief act III a volume of 1.1 billion Euro has been saved. Without a doubt, we are, even if it is in the end, the sum of the volumes of I and II in sum, is still not at the end of the flag pole arrived. It is now more in perspective.

It is a perspective view of, for example, in connection with the now adopted EU-presidency. Part of the Agenda is “to establish One in, One out” on a European level. I know that in the interplay of Opposition/government coalition and the Opposition in the own garden is always a bit more vital. Then, of course, the “One in, two out”. The Better is always the enemy of the Good. The establishment of the rule of “One in, One out” on a European level, with the proviso that it is supported by Ursula von der Leyen, with, can trigger a corresponding effect that is not to low. This is part of our Agenda, which is in the next few months in front of us.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU)

At this point, it should be said a: without a Doubt, there are communicating vessels in connection with the question of which burdens, ultimately, entrepreneurs see the table Acting at the local, state, Federal and European level to face. If you ask politicians: “you Stand up to the bureaucracy?”, then, I would say, eight or nine out of ten permanent say Yes, and not only to speak in Sunday.

At the end of this debate is to determine: We are not certain about the direction to differ, but we are often about the when and How, so on the way there, and the time at odds. I also have an own claim. I want to say quite openly that My own claim I need to compare with that of other participating in a debate. In the result, I’m often behind my own expectations and am also not completely satisfied. At one point or another I am close to a compromise very much. Compromise, of course, is also an essential feature of a democratic community.

At the point it should be noted: I do think that we need to make us, as a community, via increases in efficiency, in structures of thought. We must not permit that we end up in the so – called – from my point of view-complexity fall, in which structures in the end, for those who have to comply with documentation requirements, and Similar traceable manner, extravagantly.

I would like to make a General comment, because this was addressed. To the rules of bureaucracy in the calibration: Yes, without rules, no state – and community-based

I myself come from a corporate budget. Self-reflection: My Supervisory Board is often my Papa. He is me in the reflection on the weekend very carefully to what has been decided in the week.

I think we were rare in a time of so much so fast, so intense has changed. Now you can also reflect the crisis in different ways. A remark at this point: The efficiency gains just by this crisis resulting digital boost it really tackle and in the future to take. Mr Willsch has mentioned “Once only”. The path to an online access the law, we must place ourselves, and we need to move forward accordingly. The digital path is the one that makes these increases possible, in order not to fall not in the complexity of the case.

So There is still some work to do. This is a the content of secondary and, probably, of exciting debate, not influenced by the questioning of the target, but from the questioning of the way and the How of the one side or the other. I look forward to this debate.

A it should be noted at the end: This week, content is very rich, and corresponded, in my view, the content is really what this crisis requires

Thank You Very Much. All the best and have a nice weekend!

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)


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