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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

In order to express gratitude to the medical staff who have the virus Covid, a 19-time, worked tirelessly to help the society as a whole of 16. in July, a special concert – “a Total of” welcome to the medical staff.At a concert, they will be addressed by the State minister Egils Levits, and his wife, And Levite, as well as the beautiful program will bring joy to Latvian stars – tenor, Aleksandrs Antoņenko, and pianist Reinis Zariņš.To a concert to enjoy the following options for a broader range of health professionals, the circle, and the society as a whole, the live broadcast of the concert will be able to watch the media platform, LMT Torrent 16. in July, at noon. 19.00.At the concert, the organisers of Dainai Markova and “HDPD Productions


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