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Dear Mr. President, My dear colleagues! My constituency covers the area of upper Swabia and württemberg Allgäu. It is said that this is where the South is at its most beautiful. The largest city is Ravensburg, has 50 000 inhabitants. Between Ravensburg and Stuttgart 180 kilometers distance. Stuttgart has about 600,000 inhabitants. You might think, both cities are only geographically, but also socially. But in truth, it’s different.

On Monday of this week, at 4.30 o’clock in the morning, in Ravensburg, the following occurs: There is a police took control of a traffic hooligans, drunk and honking drove his Car through the city. The Patrol stopped him, controlled him, and suddenly she was surrounded by ten persons, the disabled of this measure. Suddenly one of the officers received a blow to the head from the knees of the delinquent. It is the arrest nevertheless. The next day he was brought before the judge of the district court to take him into custody. There, he and the officials met, however, on a lot that had sprung up together, and before the district court chanted: This is racism!

Ravensburg and Stuttgart are spatially far, but socially seems to be very close, of course, not in size, but in the causes. The chief of police in Ravensburg has stated the following in a newspaper interview, in consequence of which, such as: “state authority is no longer recognized.” I think this hits it very well.

When I started in 1992 as a young magistrate, as a recognizable profession beginners, it was Easy for me to lead a Criminal trial. With 53 years in the year 2017, I met on Reich citizenship, state the detractors, without any respect of the occurring of the accused and of witnesses much more difficult the Situation was. Hostility in the so-called social networks, in Public, in private, take pictures and Spread private of the scenes were just some of the inconveniences which you faced.

At the most, and most likely the loss of state authority meets those who represent themselves visually, for everyone: the uniformed police with their emergency vehicles, which are considered to be the First place the stall on your head for this state and its citizens. Not lavishly paid, and, in some länder also not particularly well equipped, risking just your own life, to protect the life and physical integrity of others.

The President of the Federal police, Dieter Romann, has declared that in the interior Committee this week as follows: boys, police is taught to civil servants, officials and in their training, that they are there to help the law prevail and make the right crusher thing, to pass it to the authorities. In Stuttgart, exactly, these young police officers had to ascertain that they could, because of the anarchic Mob, thwarted this. The situation was out of control, despite the use of all available forces.

In addition to the fear of one’s own life or the physical integrity of the generated in the case of policemen and women, the feeling of helplessness is a Frustration, which, unfortunately, partially also in the choice behaviour. So we do everything to ensure that this feeling of powerlessness is solidified further. Laws and Criminal creases in Attacks against the police and the rescue forces are the a. Harsh, deterrent penalties for the criminals in Stuttgart, the other and the much needed response of the judiciary to the defense of our law of procedure.

But at the end of all of this is of no use, when in this society, not each Individual is willing to view the law as binding. Part of this is that one respects the integrity of others, to respect their otherness, to respect the property of others. And this also means that you cheat on tax, not intentionally to fast or not larger builds, as you can, etc., etc.

And this includes the fact that the state’s monopoly of violence is constantly questioned, its representatives-not with suspicion plating and not always of control mechanisms in the challenges and the hurdles for government intervention is not always higher sets. Any state action is subject to control by the independent judiciary, and that is enough.

Those who defend the law – to the forefront of our police is not allowed as an opponent, but must be seen as what they are: as a friend and helper. With the comparatively few who do not want all of this in mind, it is the rule of law already done – and, I would add at the end: if you let him.

Thank you for the attention.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU and the FDP as well as from members of the SPD)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and/or sentence structure need be perfect.

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