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Dear Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen, “The police your friend and helper”: I learned in my Childhood

Today, we all need to find that respect for our police has abated, and the attacks on the police have increased. In this respect, I would like to Thank you first of all to all the police officers say, the placed on the penultimate Saturday in Stuttgart, Germany your service and our values – property values –, but also people and people have protected their own a bit far out of Eight have left. This is the task of politics.

For me, it was inconceivable that we have to experience such violence and excess, in absence of an external occasion, he was organized by Hooligans or by left – or right-wing extremists in the context of a Demonstration. We have seen that a small, marginal event can cause such an outbreak of violence.

I asked myself the question: Why did it have to happen in our clean, liberal, hard-working, schaffigen Stuttgart? Why there? After a few days I was surprised that not so.

Mr Özdemir, we have to go back a bit in the past – just the last ten years in Stuttgart, and to the political clashes that we had. This has an impact on a city and its society.

You know – on the basis of the Stuttgart 21 –: As not everything is running optimally. There was a first and a second Committee of inquiry. I was there as a state representative in the second Committee of inquiry. As individual cases to General cases. A General suspicion towards the police in Baden-Württemberg and, in addition, expressed. Some of them have since want your ratio to police to clarify.

We have also had a discussion on the labelling requirement, Mr Özdemir, of distrust of the police have fomented. The felt the police officers in Baden-Württemberg, too. We could prevent this labeling requirement, fortunately.

And we had for many years a discussion about body Cams to protect the police officers. The Greens have denied. Now it could be introduced in the Rest of the interior Minister Strobl objections to it from the FDP. And the Only thing that was here today, embarrassed, was a piece of her attack on the Minister Strobl, Mr Strasser.

(Interjection of the Abg. Benjamin Strasser [FDP])

The FDP is known to be responsible for anything, because she has nowhere taken on the responsibility or bear has to get to.

(Otto Fricke [FDP]: Yeah, then explain to the times the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia!)

Then you can know everything better without having something better to do.

In this respect, I hope colleagues just love the Green that you clarify your relationship to the police.

(Steffi Lemke [ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS]: Oh, Lord!)

Your colleague Mihalic said in a today published Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”: “We had to learn as a Green but only that the police is a positive factor in the society”.

(Interjection of the Abg. Dr. Alexander Gauland [AfD])

I just think your learning process is not yet complete

(Interjection of the Abg. Otto Fricke [FDP])

because just a few weeks ago, we discussed here at the request of the Greens on a police officer. In this respect, you should go there again to ensure that truly the support for our police, for our security forces.

I would like to close with a Tweet from yesterday that has annoyed me very much. Fridays For Future Weimar writes:

Fire and rescue service to rescue people. The police discriminated against, murder,

– murder! –

beats, hehlt. Let us both cease to proclaim in one breath as a “helper”.

Instead, we should appreciate Antifa and Migrantifa value!

Germany has a #police problem

Up earlier there was no reaction from Fridays for Future Germany.

I started my speech by saying that we have at the time, learned in my Childhood and youth, the sentence “The police your friend and helper”. Let us all stand together and help that we teach our children and young people that sentence again.

Thank You Very Much.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as the Abg. Nezahat Baradari [SPD])


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