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令和 2 years 7 months 4 days, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister’s office in 令和 2 years 7 Months 3 days from heavy rainfall-related Ministerial meeting(1st) was held.

The Prime Minister is today, taking into consideration the discussion,stated the following.

“Active fronts, the Kyushu, and the record heavy rains and,today,4: 50 p.m. in Kumamoto Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture to the heavy rain emergency warning has been announced. So far, the Kuma(Bear)River flooding and landslides, but several have occurred, and landslides caught in those persons who may have information is also provided in Japanese. As the government,this time of heavy rain in mind, more than anything people come first to the local municipality, in collaboration with the damage of the situation, grasp first aid measures and take all possible measures to CITES. Currently, Police・Fire・Coast Guard of each corps, as the Self-Defense Forces troops dispatched emergency rescue operations and 安否不明 of the person searching, evacuation at the same time. In the future,the Kyushu region, the 5 October,intermittent heavy rains continue to rain down and may continue to,utmost vigilance must continue. Because of this, the Self-Defense Forces, about 1 million people in the center, and further response to the features,agile and thorough response, please proceed. The special alarm is issued by Kumamoto Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture for living people placed continue from the municipality of evacuation information enough, taking care as early as possible in their own lives to defend the action to the mind as well. Today,Takeda Minister of State for disaster management to dispatch and respond to be thorough, which forms part of these terms and conditions. Dear by the people for the evacuation and heavy rains・River information to continue the timely,accurate and damage is occurring in the region, the local municipalities, in coordination with the government, the people come first in emergency measures to stay connected and get to work. In addition, he has opened a shelter against the new corona virus infectious diseases also enough consideration on the supplies that you need to push in The provide please re-install a copy of the above file.”

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