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Experts from the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) have assisted with an external peer review on the 30th Actuarial Report on the Canada Pension Plan.
Peer review
GAD helped Canada’s Office of the Chief Actuary (OCA) to select the members of the external peer review panel. We also confirmed the panel carried out a sufficiently thorough review and that the work was adequate and reasonable.
In their report, the panel found that the methods and assumptions for the 30th Report were reasonable and that the work complied with all relevant professional standards of practice and statutory requirements. The panel made 9 recommendations about various aspects of the report.

GAD’s role
James Thompson, the GAD actuary who worked with the OCA, said: “We played a significant role in establishing the peer review panel which has provided important reassurance of the high quality of the work underlying the 30th Report.
“Our expertise in social security matters and quality assurance means we were extremely well placed to help our client in this way.”

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