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Source: New South Wales Police Association

Messages from Coalition NSW MP’s in the Federal Parliament

Scott Morrison – the Prime Minister of Australia and Federal Member for Cook (Liberal Party)

This year has tested our police with bushfires, floods and the coronavirus pandemic. During the most challenging of times, you have defended, protected and cared for us all. What you do is more than a job, it’s a calling. Our police reflect so much of what is good about Australia. You will alway have my respect and on behalf of all Australians, I say thank you.

Michael McCormack – Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Federal Member for Riverina (Nationals)

The Australian Government is proud to support the 17,000 men and women of the NSW Police Force – your dedication, unwavering commitment to community and willingness to put your safety on the line to protect the lives and property of others is admirable. Thank you to the police ofifcers who proudly wear the blue uniform every day – your tireless efforts are appreciated, especially during these unprecedented and challenging times.

Andrew Bragg – Senator for NSW (Liberal Party)

I have always been a strong supporter of local Police who have always been part of my life. Well done and keep up the great work.

Perin Davey – Senator for NSW (Nationals)

I would like to personally thank our frontline officers for their sacrifice and commitment to protecting our communities. I would also like to thank all employees of the NSW Police Force for their work during the Covid-19 pandemic; they have selflessly put their own health  on-hte-line to keep us safe.

Melissa McIntosh – Federal Member for Lindsay (Liberal Party)

Thank you for protecting our community.

Alex Hawke – Federal Member for Mitchell (Liberal Party)

Proud to support our local police.

Messages from Coalition NSW MP’s in the State Parliament

Gladys Berejiklian – Premier and Liberal Member for Willoughby

The leadership, intergrity and strength of the NSW Police has been a shining light during our state’s recent challenges. The Police Force has continued to keep the people of NSW safe during the devastating bushfire season and the COVID-19 panedmic. Thank you for the care you show to the community each day. 

NSW Police has many complex objectives but, in the end, everything you do is about community protection. Across a force of more than 17,000 police officers, every single one of you makes a difference to the strength of our social cohesion and protecting the people of NSW – you touch every corner of this state.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NSW Police has shown its agility and its understanding of the communities it serves. These unprecedented times have required the authorities to be firm and fair as everyone adapts to rapidly changing social expectations. The professionalism shown by the NSW Police during these challenging times develops a mutual trust and respect between police and civilians which will stand NSW in good stead going forward.

Thank you to every NSW Police officer for your agility, resilience, compassion, skill and dedication to our state and its people. You have been tested in previously unimaginable ways in recent months, and have proved adept at managing crises with confidence and consistency. NSW needs it police more than ever and it is a credit to the Force that its relationship with the people has never been stronger.

As boundaries and expectations are reshaped in the coming months and years, I look forward to NSW Police officers guiding our state into an even more respectful, enjoyable and safer place to be.


John Barilaro, Deputy Premier and Nationals Member for Monaro

NSW Police go above and beyond every day, putting the community’s safety before their own. I thank all officers who serve and protect us each and every day.

Dominic Perrottet – Treasurer of NSW and Liberal Member for Epping

In spite of the increased personal risk in an already dangerous job, you have risen to the occasion and served with distinction during this current public health emergency. I offer all NSW Police officers my personal thanks and that of the community.

David Elliott, Minister for Police and Emergency Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented time for the NSW Police Force with many officers going above and beyond the call of duty to protect the health and lives of our community. I’ll continue to work in lock step with the Police Association to ensure the police have the resources and respect they deserve to get the job done. On behalf of the NSW Government, I thank every single one of you for your unwavering service and dedication.

Alister Henskens – Liberal Member for Ku-ring-gai

We have never needed our police officers more than now!

Michael Johnsen – Nationals Member for Upper Hunter

Thank you for your service.

Wendy Lindsay – Liberal Member for East Hills

I thank you all for your tireless dedication.

Gareth Ward – Liberal Member for Kiama

I am a proud supporter of the incredible work NSW Police perform across out state. I am grateful for their care and compassion whilst serving our communities.

Leslie Williams – Nationals Member for Port Macquarie

We have never needed our police officers more than now!