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An air pollution control amendment regulation which will take forward a programme to phase out Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles will come into effect on September 1, the Environmental Protection Department announced today.

The incentive and regulatory programme under the Air Pollution Control (Air Pollutant Emission) (Controlled Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulation 2020, approved by the Legislative Council, will progressively phase out about 40,000 Euro IV vehicles by the end of 2027 to further improve roadside air quality.

These vehicles, first registered within the specified period, include diesel goods vehicles, non-franchised buses and light buses.

Under the programme, the Government will offer vehicle owners ex-gratia payment ranging from 31% to 37% of the average taxable value of a comparable new vehicle, having regard to the age of the vehicles concerned and an extra 15% subsidy based on average vehicle body prices for goods vehicles assembled with vehicular additions.

The Government aims to launch the programme in the second half of the year.

The amendment regulation also stipulates the retirement deadlines for Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles with reference to their dates of first registration.

The department pointed out the amendment regulation requires the owners of the vehicles concerned to comply with the emission standards applicable as if they were first registered on the date of the vehicle licence application, otherwise, the Commissioner for Transport may refuse to grant the vehicle licence.

Some diesel commercial vehicles which were originally designed as Euro V vehicles but were classified as Euro IV on the date of first registration will be categorised as excluded vehicles and will not be controlled under the amendment regulation.

However, their owners might choose to cancel the registration of these vehicles before December 31, 2027, and apply for the ex-gratia payment, the department added.

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