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The AGU acknowledges that the Judiciary may not impose a charge for the digitisation of the records to the parties to the

Posted : 28/06/2020 – up-to-Date at : 19:23:33 pm

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The office of the solicitor General (AGU) has proven to the National judicial Council (NJC), which is not up to the Judiciary to transfer the burden of the scanning of the records, that is, the transformation of the physical into electronic to share.Representing out-of-court, the Union, by and through the Department of Affairs-Legal Consulting-General of the Union, the AGU has filed a procedure for administrative control, within the framework of the national council of justice against a normative act of the Regional Labor Court of the 3rd Region, I had made a commitment to all the participants – lawyers, both public and private – in the process.The national council of justice, the OFCE has argued the illegality of the regulations and stated that it is up to the court to create a duty on a unilateral basis, the governed, without which there is a legal basis for doing so, or will be, an innovator in the legal system. The attorney General has cautioned that the determination represented a creep of the principle of co-operation is present in Code of Civil Procedure, as the parties shall co-operate to the extent of their ability, and not imposed on them.The national council of justice has recognized the limits of the policy development activities of the court over the subject matter and pointed out that the scanning is the responsibility of the offices of these agencies. “The decision represents an important victory for the OFCE for the recognition of the essential duties of Justice, to which NEPAL is party, there are the ancillary subjects of the court,” according to a Lawyer for the Union, Erin Elizabeth out of the Rock. “Can’t a court be forced to provide the parties one-sidedly. The decision of the national council of justice puts an end to the sharp differences,” he said.Ref: Procedure for Control over n. 0008654-73.2018.2.00.0000/national council of justice.

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