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Source: President of the Republic of Belarus

27 June 2020

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko opened the national ball of university graduates in Minsk on 27 June.
The head of state noted that a graduation ball will remain one of the best moments of the university life in the memory of university graduates. He stressed that the best years and many achievements lie ahead of them.
“I know that these years were memorable, interesting, and difficult for you. To master a profession is hard work. I am proud that you have walked this path successfully. You have done the most important thing – you have found your vocation. This attests to your civic maturity and conscious readiness to become true citizens of the Republic of Belarus,” Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out.
He said that the next day the graduates would start fulfilling their dreams and implement their ambitious plans. Most of these dreams and plans are big and daring, the president believes. “This is what every new generation of a strong and independent country should be notable for. I do not doubt that you will succeed in your endeavors. You will succeed for sure if you aspire for it and work towards it. It cannot be otherwise, because we are Belarusians whose national character has been molded for centuries. Each of you possesses the best national traits. You are hardworking, responsible, disciplined and also compassionate, sincere and devoted to our native land,” the head of state noted.
Aleksandr Lukashenko also remarked that the present generations are descendants of the generation of victors. According to him, this places great responsibility on them, but, most importantly, makes the youth feel proud of their background, country, and history.
“When I look at you, such beautiful, clever, determined young people, I dream only of one thing. I dream that you, just like our generation, will tell your children and grandchildren how you have built the independent Belarus, how you have preserved and increased the national wealth, how you have kept the peace in the society, and how you honor your ancestors and keep the traditions alive,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
According to the president, he is happy that the graduates are already living a real life, not the illusionary one some try to impose on you. Some of them have already become young scientists, teachers, doctors, industrial workers. Others show their talents in culture and art.
The head of state addressed special words of appreciation to graduates of medical universities. He stressed that in an extreme situation they proved their worth as professionals. “In the struggle for human health, you stood shoulder to shoulder with your senior colleagues. In a difficult period you showed that the national healthcare, life and health of people, the future of the country will be in safe hands, as before,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
“Dear graduates, I would like to wish you the most important thing – to preserve your country. Sovereignty is not an abstract notion. It is something that will allow you and future generations to remain Belarusians. You will not be Belarusians in a foreign land, only here. This will help you make your own decisions about your life and the life of the country, without regard to what the East or the West might say, or even worse, prescribe. You should not idolize everything foreign or mimic other traditions. You yourselves should become an example that other countries and nations will want to follow,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
The president noted that the national ball of university graduates has become a good tradition. He called on the youth to do their best to keep such traditions alive. “When we have our own traditions, we have the right to call ourselves a nation. No nation can exist without traditions. I believe that you can do this. Do it please! Then our descendants will be proud of our Belarus which you will preserve and make even stronger and more beautiful!” Aleksandr Lukashenko added.
The president congratulated the youth on the graduation and said that this day is special. “Believe me, no other day in your life will be as happy and memorable,” he explained. “You will go through various times. When you have kids, you will be happy that they are born. You will be happy when your children graduate from school, from university. However, the current period in your life is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even if you decide to receive the second or third education, you will not feel as happy as now. You have just completed the hardest stage in your life,” he added.
Aleksandr Lukashenko also advised the graduates not to waste time and act promptly. He pointed out that if they do not do something in time, they might miss this opportunity forever. “Other people will appear and you will meet them. There will come a new time that will require other actions and steps from you. So do what you should before it is too late, act today,” Aleksandr Lukashenko urged the graduates. “Concerning the latest events, please, show the whole world and some people in our country, who do not see or have gone blind, that we have proper youth – beautiful, clever, and forward-looking young people with a clear understanding of what happens in life,” he said.
The national ball of university graduates also featured a ceremony to present state awards and letters of commendation to the best professors and graduates of Belarusian universities. In their turn, the graduates gave Aleksandr Lukashenko the souvenir “Belarus is my Motherland” as a gift. The souvenir was made with the use of laser technologies and special coatings.


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