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Source: South Australia Police

An update has been made to public activity restrictions in South Australia.

The Emergency Management (Public Activities No 2) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 has been revoked and replaced by the Emergency Management (Public Activities No 3) (COVID-19) Direction 2020. This new Direction comes into effect as of Monday at 0001hrs on 29 June 2020.

The Direction requires all defined public activities to comply with:

  • Density requirements of 1 person per 2 square metres, being applied to the area in which members of the public use. Employees or persons undertaking official duties in relation to defined public activities are not counted. (Note – vehicles or other movable places are now exempt from the density requirements.)
  • People present or occupying a place in which a defined public activity is conducted or occurring must take reasonable steps to comply with the physical distancing principles.

The Direction requires those persons who conduct defined public activities to complete or update a COVID Safe Plan or COVID Management Plan before undertaking the activities.

Most businesses/activities allowed to re-open/re-commence under Step 3 from Monday 29 June do not require a COVID Management Plan. Instead, they require a COVID Safe Plan (as per Step 2 and Step 2 Plus).

  • Businesses and defined public activities that have already completed a COVID-Safe Plan will automatically receive a new Plan outlining revised venue capacity, as well as revised obligations and/or recommendations.
  • Businesses and activities that are re-opening for the first time or those opening additional spaces will need to complete a new COVID-Safe Plan.

The exceptions are defined public activities of more than 1,000 persons, ‘Relevant licensed premises’ and places with both dancing and consumption of alcohol, which will require a COVID Management Plan to be approved by SA Health.

Changes of note to defined public activities and special compliance rules include:

  • Casino or gaming areas are permitted to operate and the person conducting the activity must ensure contract tracing records and a COVID Management Plan (if relevant) are completed;
  • Communal food or beverage service areas are still not permitted at a place where food and beverages is served;
  • Reusable equipment (such as ‘hookah’, pipes, tubes, heads or other items) associated with the operation of shisha, smoking or vaping is not permitted to be used.

It should be noted that contract tracing records are still required for defined businesses or activities including: personal care services; auctions and inspections; recreational transport; driver instruction; indoor sport comprised of a fitness class indoor public meetings; weddings; funerals; religious or faith based ceremonies; casino’s and gaming areas.

It is acknowledged that many restrictions still apply, but they are critical in dealing with the spread of COVID-19.

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