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NEPAL gets the conviction of a former government official, which granted the benefits in the irregular family members

Posted : 24/06/2020 – up-to-Date at : 18:15:03 pm

The office of the solicitor General (AGU) was obtained in the Justice of the condemnation by the administrative impropriety by a former government official at the National Institute of Social security (INSS) for the commission of several irregularities in the process of vetting, issuance, and maintenance of social security benefits. The sentencing also includes the parents of a former government official, the direct beneficiaries of the fraud. All three have caused a loss of more than us$ 330 billion to the public coffers.The role of the OFCE has happened by way of the Federal Prosecutor’s office in the state of Minas Gerais (PF/MG), and the office of the attorney Section of Federal, in Poços de Caldas and Varginha (PSF/Poços de Caldas, and the PSF/There), and the Federal Prosecutor’s office for the Specialized along with the social security (PFE)/social security).In court, federal prosecutors proved that the fraud caused an injury to the coffers of the social security (INSS), and promoting the illicit enrichment of individuals at the expense of the State, as well as the harm to the community as a whole who depend on social security benefits in order to survive.The judgment of the 1st Federal court of There is upheld the request made by NEPAL, and condemned the defendant to pay the full extent of the damage caused to the state treasury in the amounts up to date, and the payment of a fine. In addition to this, they all have had their political rights suspended for eight years, and they were prohibited from contracting with the government for a period of ten years.The fraudesA the conduct of a former government official was investigated after the commencement of an administrative proceeding to discipline by the social security (INSS), which confirmed the fraud, and resulted in the resignation of a former government official. Then, the calculation of the irregularity is made within the framework of the disciplinary process has been used as the basis for the OFCE for the ling of the action, from history to management.At the time of the facts, an ex-government official, by taking advantage of the access they had to the system and to occupy a position as an analyst for the Social security function and commissioning of the supervisor’s operating Revenue and Benefits to the chief benefits to be a substitute for, granted, and kept on the irregular payment of disability benefits to her parents.For the benefit of in violation of the law of their mother, a former servant entered false information into the National registry of Social Information (CNIS), and separated the contributions to the form properties for the purpose of attaining the grace needed for the future of the application and the payment of a benefit that could help the condition. The findings revealed that the ex-servant had received, and led to the order for administrative of his mother.The research has also shown that the former service has created a new Identification Number of the Employee (NIT), for his father. The NIT is assigned by the Social security to every citizen who wishes to register to contribute, on a monthly basis, and have access to social security benefits. The establishment of a new NIT had the purpose of making it possible for the father of an ex-government official to remain getting the benefit of a disability retirement while I was working on a job commissioned by the local government There.The PF/MG PARTY/Poços de Caldas, at the PARTY/There is and the EXPOSURE/social security, and they are the Federal Attorney General (PGF), an agency of the office of the solicitor General (AGU).

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