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Source: Destatis-Federal Statistical Office

Press release No. 224 of 22. June 2020

WIESBADEN – The price level of private consumption expenditure in Germany in 2019, up 6.8% on the average for the 27 member States of the European Union (EU). As the Federal Statistical office (Destatis) further reports, in the most direct neighbour countries the price level in the year 2019 is still higher than in Germany. Only in Poland and the Czech Republic, the cost of living, which include, for example, the private expenditure on food, Housing and energy were significantly lower.

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The most expensive within the EU, it was in Denmark, where the price level was by 41.3% over the average of all 27 EU member States. With some distance by Ireland ( 33,7 %), Luxembourg ( 31,1 %), Finland ( 26.7 %) and Sweden ( 20.6 percent) follow. Most favourable within the EU, it remained as in the past years in Bulgaria: Here the consumer had to consumers for a representative basket of Goods and services, around half as much pay as the average of all the member States (-47,2 %).

In the case of the European countries outside the EU, the price level in comparison to the EU average in Iceland ( 54,3 %), in Switzerland ( 62,0 %) and in Norway ( 49,5 %) was the highest. Very much lower the price level in Turkey (-52,9 %).

This information is based on preliminary results, purchasing power parities and comparative price levels, the Statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat) on 19. June 2020 has been published.

Purchasing power parities in the global comparison for the reference year 2017 in the World Bank to find. Accordingly, the price level of private consumption expenditure in Germany in international comparison by 27.5 % over the average of 176 countries surveyed.

Methodological Notes:

The average of the EU countries was calculated for the 27 EU member States, that is, without the United Kingdom. For more information Eurostat.

For more results and information can be found in the Eurostat Database.

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