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Press release

State of Vaud

Published on June 22, 2020

The period of the sleep health in the event of a heat wave began on 1 June and ending 31 August. With the arrival of beautiful days, the head Doctor reminds us that it is important to protect yourself from the summer heat, staying hydrated enough and to pay particular attention to the most vulnerable such as the elderly, those suffering from mental illness or chronic as well as young children.

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A heat wave is characterized by temperatures above 33°-34°C for three consecutive days at least and can have serious consequences on the health of each and everyone, especially vulnerable people. When the heat and even if the criteria of a heat wave are not met, it is important to observe the following preventive measures :

To protect themselves against the heat by staying home and avoiding physical activity during the hottest hours,
Preserve the freshness of the housing as much as possible by closing windows and shutters during the day and opening them at night
Hydrate sufficiently, drinking very regularly, without waiting to be thirsty,
Call the doctor or the Central of the doctors on duty in case of discomfort (0848 133 133) or the 144 in the case of danger to life.

Particular attention should be paid to the elders, especially when they are alone or dependent. Their age or their state of health are that they do not feel always the heat, they are more sensitive to its effects and are not always able to protect themselves or to act alone in the face of the heat. At home or in an institution, they may be in need of help, care, and enhanced surveillance. The same goes for infants and people with disease(s) chronicle(s). It belongs to everyone, family, loved ones and neighbors, be attentive to these situations, in particular during periods of hot weather.

Les symptômes d’un coup de chaleur sont : faiblesse générale, température corporelle élevée (> 40°C), dry mouth, confusion, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, and muscle cramps. It is necessary to act immediately and call a physician, drink of the person and is cool by using damp cloths. Many of the resources and prevention tips are also provided on the page that has been updated.

During the period of health monitoring a heat wave, which lasts from 1 June to 31 August, the Directorate of health, is in permanent contact with Meteoswiss. Each day, weather forecasts as well as information from the socio-health system can judge the best of the situation. When Meteoswiss issued a notice heat (temperatures equal to or greater than 33°C-34°C for at least three days), the general Directorate of health asked the partners associated with the device heat wave (institutions, socio-health, municipalities) to take additional measures to protect the most vulnerable people.It is possible to get information on the meteorological situation using the map of natural hazards posted on the website of Meteoswiss or using the free app for smartphones. This allows you to subscribe, without fee, to alerts heat waves that can be customized according to the place of residence or work.

Office of information and communication of the State of Vaud


DSAS, Dr. Isabelle Rossi, head doctor assistant, Directorate general of health,021 316 44 51



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