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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

The inter-departmental Pest Control Steering Committee held a meeting today to discuss ways to boost pest control work, including the co-ordination of frontline staff.

At the meeting attended by three bureaus and 21 departments or organisations, the committee reviewed the mosquito proliferation situation since the start of the rainy season.

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) reminded various departments to pay attention to environments that are prone to mosquito breeding such as nullahs, sand traps, scaffolding and others.

In addition to the continuous elimination of breeding grounds and regular fogging operations, various departments will update mosquito infestation blackspots and step up anti-mosquito work.

To enhance inter-departmental co-ordination, various departments will assign senior staff to participate in monthly meetings convened by the FEHD at the district level to report their mosquito prevention and control work.

Additionally, the Government has reminded the public and property management companies to carry out effective mosquito prevention and control measures.

Regarding rodent prevention and control, relevant departments will implement enhanced measures against infestations in back alleys in the second half of the year.

In the third quarter this year, the FEHD plans to carry out operations targeting improper dumping of refuse by food premises in Wan Chai and Kwun Tong where rodent infestation is more severe.

The FEHD is conducting thermal imaging camera field trials in about 150 back alleys in Kowloon City to record rodent activity.

It is also considering formulating a new rodent index to target infestations in back alleys.

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