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Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The tremors, which hit Muong Te Commune in the district of the same name, injured four schoolchildren and damaged some crops, houses and public infrastructure in the northern mountainous province.

In his message, the head of government inquired after the affected households, especially the families of the injured children.

He urged the provincial authorities to support those hit by the earthquakes, provide local residents with earthquake information and response guidelines, inspect damaged infrastructure, and make prompt repairs.

The PM also requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to ensure the structural integrity of reservoirs and dams in quake-hit areas.

Local authorities said the commune of Muong Te was shaken multiple times over the past several days, with the strongest tremor registering a magnitude of 4.9 around noon on June 16, as reported by the Institute of Geophysics.

At a local school, four children were slightly injured by gypsum boards which fell from the ceiling and were quickly given first aid at the commune’s healthcare centre.

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