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ATLANTA (June 16, 2020) | Yesterday, House Resolution 935, carried by Sen. Brandon Beach (R – Alpharetta), passed the Senate by a vote of 51-0. This measure aims to promote statewide freight and logistics infrastructure by recreating the Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics.

“In order to ensure Georgia remains a top state in which to do business, state and local leaders must work to promote a comprehensive freight and logistics plan for Georgia,” said Sen. Beach. “The Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics has made significant progress over the past year throughout our meetings all across the state. By working with industry experts, the Commission has made progress towards determining how we can best leverage our existing freight and logistics infrastructure and ways we can expand freight and logistics investment in Georgia. There is still work to be done and recreating the Commission will allow Commission members the opportunity to further study this industry expansion. I appreciate the support of my colleagues in the General Assembly for prioritizing Georgia’s ever-evolving economy through this innovative measure.”

The Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics was created in 2019 as a result of the passage of House Resolution 37. Sen. Beach currently serves as Co-Chair of the Commission, along with Rep. Kevin Tanner (R – Dawson).

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Jun. 16, 2020

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