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Source: DGB – Bundesvorstand16.06.2020 tariff Ticker the cleaning sector: negotiations vertagtDie first round of collective bargaining for the approximately 700,000 employees in the building cleaner craft was inconclusively adjourned. The IG BAU calls for an increase in the minimum industry wages in order to 1.20. The wages of the lowest income group would rise to 12 euros. So far, the employers have not submitted a satisfactory offer. The negotiations will be on 3. September 2020 continued.

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“The Corona pandemic has shown how important the work of the building cleaner on the inside and the building is cleaner. Cleanliness saves lives,” said IG BAU Federal Executive Board member and negotiator Ulrike Laux on the first Verhandlunggsrunde. “It must finally be recognised, the importance of the work of employees for the Functioning of our society. A wage of twelve Euro an hour unable to do this, no company and not their customers.”The IG BAU calls for 1.20 Euro per hour more for the two minimum wages in the industry. So the lowest wage group of one to 12 euros and the minimum wage the cleaning of glass (wage group 6) staircase at 15,30 euros. The additional wages of the wage groups of two to five and seven to nine are expected to increase by 6.5 percent. The training allowances are to be increased by 100 Euro per month over all the years of Training. In addition, the IG BAU calls for the introduction of a Christmas bonus for the industry in the amount of 80 hours of wages.To the press release of the IG BAU


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