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Source: BMW group Munich. Like all racing Teams Andretti Autosport has several months of forced break behind. The Motorsport year is slowly gathering momentum. Before team owner Michael Andretti intensive months are so. In this Interview, he talks about the actual forced break, the BMW i, Andretti Motorsport Team and the development of the FIG in the FIA Formula E Championship. In addition, Andretti looks back on his beginnings as a team owner and explained his recipe for success. How well Andretti Autosport to cope in this difficult time?

Michael Andretti: “We are very fortunate to have strong and understanding staff as well as loyal sponsors. I think this global crisis has impacted every industry. We need to rethink all this is not to say, to focus only on the result, but to consider how we can be good partners, our communities support and together through this Phase can come. If we succeed, we will emerge stronger from the crisis.“

You miss it, personally, to be at the race track, or this break comes to you perhaps even located?

Andretti: “You have to be careful what you wish for. In times in which you are working on the stop, craves it sometimes after a break. But then, when suddenly an unplanned two – or three-month interruption comes, you want to be nothing more than full throttle. I think all of us, the anticipation is the return to the race track is huge.“

What do you think, how intensive the second year will be half?

Andretti: “as soon As we can get back on track, it is certainly intense. INDYCAR and Indy Lights start in July, the Supercars shortly thereafter, our GT4 Team returns to the race mode and in formula E it’s more like in the other racing series, hopefully, soon. In addition, we are preparing for more projects in 2021. Even if it seems to be currently quiet, we are facing a busy time.“

The first race, be sure to take place without spectators. What do you think?

Andretti: “This is disappointing, of course, but the safety of our Fans, and the team at the Moment has the highest priority. It is not unusual to have all of us at the race track, but we know that you will be there in spirit. Racing Fans are among the best in the world, and I have no doubt that you will remain loyal to us.“

When you have gone to the last Time a race car?

Andretti: “I went in 2007, my last race, sat 2010, in the context of a Showruns with Prominent once again in an INDYCAR two-seater. It’s been a while so – but I’m a lucky racer in retirement, and enjoy my role as the owner.“

Would have had the racing driver Michael Andretti want a fully electric racing vehicle such as the BMW iFE.To drive 20?

Andretti: “it’s Hard to say. To be ticked of my active time on the watch in Motorsport is still very different. The thought of a fully electric racing vehicle path was still quite wide. I’m honestly not sure whether I had at that time already believed in the concept. But since then, the Sport has gained enormously on. If I would not be driving the race – why? I think a test day I would have indulged me for sure.“

From the concept of formula E, you are convinced today, however, fully and completely, right?

Andretti: “I am convinced, therefore, from the concept of formula E, because the technology for the manufacturer’s future seems to be pointing, and therefore a large impact on the consumer market. It is really very exciting to be involved in the project and to help shape the future of mobility. We see from the beginning part of the formula E, and today, of how far the technology has already been developed is really impressive.“

Why have you decided at that time, from the beginning, in the formula E to enter?

Andretti: “When the opportunity opened to join season 1 in the formula E, we have hoped that you would take the development we can see now. The competition is high class, the commitment of manufacturers such as BMW is great and the Fanbase is growing by the year. I think, for a racing team, it is important to look broadly and steadily develop. The formula E for the past six years, this is the perfect opportunity.“

We look at their partnership with BMW Motorsport in formula E: How would you judge the seasons 5 and 6 up to now?

Andretti: “I’m very proud of the partnership with BMW Motorsport. I think we have become in the relatively short period of time really strong and have proved how competitive we are motivated. Our cooperation is on the highest Level. Both sides have grown to be a strong Team together, and we push each other to make further progress. I can’t wait to the race track to return and continue where we left off.“

Which is the formula-E-is the venue is your favorite?

Andretti: “I’m a partisan and I decide for our home race in New York City.”

You have a wish-list of new venues for the formula E race?

Andretti: “I would very much like to see more formula E races in the United States and North America. I think, Miami or Long Beach would be a great event.“

How many other racing series has also contested the formula E during the forced pause a virtual championship. What do you think generally of Sim-Racing?

Andretti: “The Sim-Racing has provided us with a great opportunity to present us in front of our Fans, to offer our sponsors a platform and to keep our drivers a little to the rhythm. Whether the Sim-Racing remains so popular, I can’t guess. But I think in the Offseason it can safely continue its course, and a high entertainment factor.“

Andretti Autosport covers a wide range of involvement in Motorsport. What is the philosophy behind it?

Andretti: “I am convinced that you have to line up wide, because of the experience we collect in the various categories, make us competitive and contribute to our success. We have been able to find platforms on which we can expand our horizons as well as our talents and partners.“

You are one of the most successful racers in North America. How did the decision to start your own Team?

Andretti: “I was aware that I had a successful racing career. This is what I wanted to end on a climax, I’m still competitive. I didn’t want to just drive more, and eventually in the grave. In 2003, the bot for me with my former Team, the Green the opportunity to make the Transition from driver to owner to full draw. I have shopped in the Team and in the same year, my career as a full-time racer finished. From then on, everything developed up to the point where I am today. In order to create the, was, above all, persistence is necessary – you can’t just give up when it gets hard. You have to always think outside the box look and a strong Team around you to build on. You need good people. I have at Andretti Autosport.“

How do you see the future of Motorsport – purely electrically, or it will be a place for glow engines?

Andretti: “I don’t know. I could imagine that we have substances in combustion engines with alternative fuels, but certainly, I can’t judge. I can only say for myself that I’m happy to be in both forms of Motorsport to be involved.“


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