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Source: UK Government

The British Consulate in Jerusalem is working closely with the Palestinian Authority, International Humanitarian Organisations and Civil Society on the response to the COVID-19 challenge in the OPTs, including support to meet the humanitarian and healthcare needs of the most vulnerable Palestinians as well as support to boost the PA’s economic resilience.
We are keen to ensure that our support continues to reach those who are most vulnerable to the multifaceted impacts of COVID-19. To that end, the British Consulate in Jerusalem has a small amount of programme funding to support an NGO in providing assistance to vulnerable elderly people in the OPTs.
Although all age groups are at risk of contracting COVID-19, older persons run a significantly higher risk of mortality and severe disease following infection, with those over 80 years old dying at five times the average rate.
Proposals should focus on providing targeted support for the most vulnerable elderly people in the Palestinian society. This may include strengthening support systems in elderly care, providing psychosocial support to older persons who have experienced loss or giving assistance to promote and safeguard elderly caregivers, volunteers or community leaders.
NGOs should send their Full detailed proposals for projects worth up to 262,000 ILS to be implemented between August and March 2021. Please complete the Project Proposal Form (MS Word Document, 85KB) and Activity Based Budget (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 25.6KB) template and submit by no later than Wednesday 8 July 2020, to, with “Enabling Fund Proposal” in the Subject Line.

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