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Short Interview: the groups to be fought

Criminal Clans remain a serious Problem. This is the first report on the situation in lower Saxony shows to offenders families. And also in NRW, the police counted were in this year again 12 “Tumult” with reference to the Clan-crime.

But the pressure on the clan grows, the Federal government and the Länder want to jointly act decisively against criminal families. The right and consumer policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Dr. Jan-Marco Luczak, explained in an Interview in a Short, the Union in the fight against these criminal groups engaged.

Mr Luczak, what exactly is Clan-crime?

Jan-Marco Luczak: “Clan-crime is a special Form of organised crime that has grown in the past few years. In the protection of the family collective criminal families from any external influence from the Scots themselves, make their own values on the applicable law and commit serious crimes. These range from illegal gambling to drug trafficking and extortion. Already, the minors of the family are involved members of the criminal enterprise. Clan-crime is a threat to the internal security and the confidence of the citizens in our state. Such parallel societies, we must not tolerate.“

How to deal with the Union Clan-crime?

Jan-Marco Luczak: “As a Union, we stand for a Zero-tolerance policy against criminal Clans. Legal blanks, not us. For this, we have established a clear Twelve-point Plan for the effective combat of the Clan-crime. Authorities will receive more powers to be more effective in the structures of the families intervene. So intense perpetrators can be taken easily from the Clans out, assets easier seized and Criminals are faster deported. With the ‘Pact for the rule of law,’ we will strengthen the police and justice also in terms of personnel, to ensure the consistent enforcement of applicable laws, in all areas, and to anyone.”

There are already successes in the fight against the Clans?

Jan-Marco Luczak: “Yes, there is. With the tightening of regulations on asset recovery succeeds, increasingly, assets, which is derived from criminal activities, to collect. We have fought as a Union for a long time. Here, we meet as the Clan-crime where it hurts: the money. We deprive them of the incentive for criminal activity. But overall, we are increasing the pressure on the clan. This includes a concerted action of police, prosecutors, tax offices, customs and commercial offices against the widespread criminal activities of the clan belongs to. Here, we advocate the policy of “small pinholes”. The Clans must know that the state shall oppose them in all fields and consistently for the recovery of the law provides.“


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