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Source: United States House of Representatives – Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL-13)

Crist Asks Governor DeSantis to Light Skyway in Rainbow Colors for Pride

St. Petersburg, FL, June 1, 2020 St. Petersburg, FL– U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL) sent a letter to Governor DeSantis asking for the Florida Department of Transportation to light the Sunshine Skyway in rainbow colors in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month. Due to coronavirus concerns, the St. Pete Pride Parade and other pride celebrations scheduled for June have been cancelled. The City of St. Petersburg will be lighting up buildings across the city in rainbow colors throughout the month of June to honor Pride Month while observing social distancing. A pdf of the letter can be found here, with the text appearing below. June 1, 2020 The Honorable Ron DeSantis, Governor
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399 Dear Governor DeSantis: Today, June 1, marks the beginning of Pride Month. Pride is about acceptance, unity, healing, and most importantly, that love conquers hate. It is the celebration of a people, historically marginalized, renewing their faith in themselves and their community. In these unprecedented and challenging times of illness, discord, economic insecurity, and deeply disquieting racial injustice, we are unfortunately unable to gather in person this year to celebrate Pride. With the cancellation of St. Pete Pride – the largest Pride parade in the southeastern United States – I ask that you consider sending a message of hope to all Floridians by lighting up the Sunshine Skyway in rainbow colors. This small but meaningful action would bring goodwill and optimism to my constituents and the entire State of Florida at a time when we need it most. It would be a thoughtful way we can all safely mark the occasion and send the message that regardless of race, creed, religion, color, gender identity, or sexual orientation, we are all in this together. Thank you for considering this request and for your continued service to our state during this crisis. Sincerely, MIL OSI USA News