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In the month of June will continue classes in the three special projects Moorpark — “Yoga in the parks online”, “Karashoro” and “Playground online”. For schedule, announcements and appearance of links to events you can track on the organization’s page in social networks.

Throughout June, the online mode will continue to work special projects Moorpark, dedicated to yoga, ecology and environmental protection, and children’s educational activities and games.

Almost all the meetings, lectures, trainings and master classes organized in real time on the video platform Zoom. For schedule, announcements and appearance of links to events can be monitored on the pages of Moorpark in social networks “Vkontakte”, “Facebook” and “Instagram”.

Learn how to take care of the nature in the city

The project “Ecoranger” complement permanent lecturer Babushkinsky Park, a popularizer of knowledge about insect-eating plants Sergey Kunitsyn. June 3 at 09:00 during the webinar “Carnivorous plants: secrets and mysteries of the” he’ll tell about when it was discovered the first representatives of the insect fauna, there[are] whether the man-eating plants, what are the types of live traps and more. On the international day of environmental protection, which is celebrated on 5 June, all want to know about how to care for carnivorous plants. The lecture will start at 19:00.

12 June at 19:00 during the lecture, “Public garden. The experience of green schools” participants will get acquainted with the ecologist Ksenia Budina. She tells about how on the basis of the city’s Central Park created a public garden, how it functions and why such initiatives.

In June, the project “Ecoranger” join Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow city. Every Monday from 8 to 29 June, the examiners will conduct for the students useful lectures on the theme of ecology. Beginning at 19:00.

The first lecture will devote to the wild animals which you can meet in the city. Recently many inhabitants of parks and green territories become more brave to go out into the alleys and trails. In the natural parts of the capital you can meet foxes, beavers, badgers, elk and even wild boars. About how to coexist with the other inhabitants of the metropolis and wild animals, why is it important not to interfere in the lives of animals and can properly feed them, tell 8 Jun Lily Sakhibgareeva, senior analyst HPBW “mosekomonitoring” She will also answer questions from the audience.

In the second lecture, which will take place June 15, will focus on eco-friendly cleaning. In the period of self-isolation building became for many the office, the gym, cinema, restaurant and a relaxation area. Especially for the “Karashoro” Lily Sakhibgareeva have prepared a few tips that suggest how to organize the process of cleaning carefully and environmentally friendly.

Learn about the rules of creating eco-friendly interior of the third lecture the Lily Sakhibgareeva. She will reveal the secret of how to equip your home to be safe and harmonious, as well as what materials can be used. The event will be held June 22.

For the convenience of users all broadcasts of “Karashoro” transferred into a format of live in the group Monogotari the social network Facebook. Ask your questions in the comments to broadcast.

To choose Hatha yoga or Vinyasa

For Muscovites to be able to keep yourself in good physical shape while staying home Tomorrow, extends until the end of June a special project, “Yoga in the parks online.” Professional teachers will be held every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on the platform Zoom in 17:30. Links to connect to the live broadcast will be published on the parks pages in social networks on the morning broadcast.

So, on June 2 teacher, Regina Doronin will give a session on Hatha yoga. Participants can expect a variety of meditation techniques and simple asanas to of the joints and relaxes the entire body. The class will be useful to both beginners and advanced yogis. You can register here.

4 Jun teacher Antonida Maltsev will offer all wishing to familiarize with a set of exercises that combines elements of classical Hatha yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. This is a dynamic practice in which asanas are performed in a strict sequence. Regular practice will help develop flexibility and endurance. Registration the link.

June 9, the class will devote the Kundalini. In this direction of yoga, great attention is paid to breathing techniques and meditation. The lesson will be teacher Ksenia skurat. It check.

June 11 instructor Lisa Mae will advise you on how to cope with the stress. At the beginning of the session, participants will perform a set of exercises to train the spine and respiratory system, and then Lisa will talk about the theory of meditation and show you how to apply this knowledge in practice. Necessary check.

In addition, every Saturday at 12:00 in social networks Moorpark will post lessons from leading instructors for Hatha yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa yoga, yoga therapy of the spine and other areas of yoga.

Create a puppet theater and get to painting lessons

Until the end of June their work will continue and “Playground online”. The aim of the project is to help parents to support their child’s daily routine and leave the opportunity for socialization. Broadcast creative activities for the little ones will be held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays, on the platform of the Zoom. Beginning at 11:00.

On 3 June the pupils together with the teacher Olga Galkina make a home puppet theatre character of squirmy. Thanks to a simple hinge mechanism in the cardboard toy moving arms and legs. The participants will need glue, thick cardboard, colored paper, sturdy thread, buttons and wire. A June 5 Olga Galkina will show you guys how to decoupage to make a original stand for pens and pencils. Lesson will be interesting for children over eight years.

To make another character for home puppet theatre visitors “Playground online” will be June 12. Master class on making rag dolls for children from eight years of doing teacher Julia Seidel. The participants will need scraps of fabric, colored thread, scissors and glue.

In order to join the classes, you will need check. Parents need to choose a master class, write on it the child, be sure to include a valid e-mail. After registration by e-mail will receive a link to log in to personal account, where you can find additional materials to the lesson, as well as a link to connect to the live platform Zoom. This link further duplicates to e-mail the participant two more times, per day and per hour before the broadcast begins.

In addition, the Moorpark pages in social networks in the framework of the project “Playground online” will be to post lessons of one of the Moscow studios of drawing. The first lesson will be available June 8 at 11:00. It will hold art Director and artist Studio drawing Christina Galochkina. It will show how technology in the space illustration to portray with acrylic paints flamingos. June 15, at the same time will publish a master class artist Ruslana Nosak. Participants under her leadership, will paint with acrylic paints rural summer landscape.

Three special online project Moorpark: “Yoga in the parks online”, “Ecoranger” and “Playground online” — launched in early may. They liked it so much the citizens, now that their work has been extended for another month. Metropolitan parks under the jurisdiction of the city Department of culture, regularly update and complement the program online entertainment.

In the capital gradually soften the restrictions that were imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. However, to say that the danger has passed, while early. Walking and playing sports in the street is allowed in the experiment, which is conducted from 1 to 14 June inclusive.

The city’s parks, Department of culture and the natural area of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection opened on 1 June. To protect visitors from the spread of coronavirus infection persist prophylactic restrictions. It’s simple rules, observing that you can be more confident in their safety and security [for] others.

Visitors need to be in the parks wearing masks or respirators. Walking routes installed information boards on paths and trails caused the layout. Reminders about the need to respect preventive measures will be heard on the radio.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that while it is impossible to use benches, gazebos, children’s and sports grounds, that is, all objects of the Park infrastructure, through the touching of which can be transmitted infection.

Continues to operate ban to conduct cultural events and leisure activities. It is forbidden to hold picnics and have barbecue.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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