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Source: European Parliament

The current COVID-19 crisis shows the importance of ensuring that European citizens remain as healthy as possible. It has been established that patients with cardiovascular diseases are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Preliminary data from several EU Member States show that a considerable number of people who have been hospitalised and have died of COVID-19 were suffering from cardiovascular conditions. Another worrying observation in several EU countries, but also in the rest of the world, is that some patients who are hospitalised with COVID-19 develop blood clots which can damage blood vessels, the heart and the brain. There is an urgent need for more information and research in order to establish more clearly how the virus affects the heart and the circulation of the blood.

1. Will the Commission support or initiate research to study the impact of COVID-19 on the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and mortality among patients suffering from them?

2. Will the Commission investigate whether morbidity due to cardiovascular diseases increases in patients who survive COVID-19 and what impact this will have on the health system?

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