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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English

Source: Republic of France in FrenchLa French Republic has issued the following statement:

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In the context of health, all of the events of the diplôme national du brevet, baccalauréat general, technological and professional and the BTS will be validated from the cd booklet notes in school. The diplomas will be issued only by the continuous control. This is what is stated by a press release from the minister of national Education of April 3, 2020, completed by the Prime minister’s announcement of 28 may 2020.

For third grade

The diplôme national du brevet is issued on the basis of the average of the grades obtained during the three quarters of the year with the exception of the marks obtained during the confinement in the concerned disciplines. The oral test is removed.

For the students of first

The trials are expected to French : the score of the written test is the average of the grades obtained by the student throughout the year in French outside of the grades obtained during the confinement period.

The oral exam is cancelled. It will be validated by ongoing monitoring.

The second series of tests the common control continued (E3C), is cancelled and replaced by the following provisions :

for the proofs, history, modern languages, and mathematics-series technology, the note chosen is the average of the scores obtained in the E3C1 (past this year between January and march) and E3C3 (which will be spent in class of terminal)

For the students in the general pathway and technology

The oral and written baccalaureate are cancelled.

The diploma is issued on the basis of the continuous control comprising :

the notes obtained in the course of the three quarters of the year of terminal (excluding those obtained during the confinement period) to which are applied the coefficients of the tray in each discipline

The notes of the events that have already passed in the first are kept.

The references are maintained.

Namely : The candidates who obtained between 8 and 9.9 will be able to pass the oral catch-up in the current conditions. On the decision of the examination board, and after study of the school reports, some of the candidates will be allowed to take the bachelor’s degree at the September session.

For the students of colleges, professional high schools

The trials of SEN, from CAP and the professional baccalaureate are validated on the basis of the monitoring during the training course already past, and the booklet in school. A panel of review, chaired in each academy by a university, ensures the harmonization of the ratings and equality of treatment of candidates. Every school report, every individual situation is examined.

For students of BTS

The events of June are cancelled.

If you have a booklet for the school or training that you are enrolled in a public, private, off-contract or enrolled with the Cned : the degree is awarded on the basis of ongoing monitoring. An examination board will decide on the notes final (excluding those obtained during the containment), and consider the set of elements contained in the transcript of the candidate, including your attendance until the end of the school year.
If you do not have a booklet for the school or training : you will pass the exam in September with events ad hoc as usual.

Note : In the case of pursuing higher education post-BTS, a special device allows you to retain the benefit of the inscriptions, acquired from the institutions concerned, until the proclamation of the results of the examination of the BTS.

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