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Source: European Parliament

As the VP/HR, Josep Borrell, has stated, ‘the EU attaches great importance to Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, which must be preserved in line with the Basic Law and international commitments’. But now China, in keeping with its philosophy of control through which it seeks to subjugate peoples and suppress the rule of law, has imposed on Hong Kong the new law on ‘national security’, continuing the process of homogenising the two countries’ legal and institutional systems. It is the first step in a strategy which will also be employed in dealings with the other countries in China’s sphere of influence, including in Africa.

Can the VP/HR therefore answer the following questions:

1. Does he agree that the new law on ‘national security’ marks the start of a new and different era in EU-China relations?

2. Does he see a need for a new approach designed to counter China’s strategy, and what practical form would that approach take?

3. Does he agree with the US plan to take action through the UN Security Council?

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