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The exhibition will present sketches of the interiors of Soviet manned spacecraft series “the Union”, the projects of lunar bases, the drawings of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and show how changes in astronaut costume.

The virtual exhibition called “Space design” will be available on the website Space Museum 26 may at 16:00. As told in the press service of the Department of culture of Moscow, everyone will be able to join its Grand opening online. To do this, to register.

The exhibition will present drawings of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, as well as projects extraterrestrial settlements, photographs of the interiors of manned spacecraft series “the Union” created by the Soviet space architect and designer Galina Balashova.

“After the launch in 1957 of the first artificial Earth satellite in the language of the cosmos began all over the world. Changed on the future, and this is reflected in fashion, architecture and design. People were interested in the issues of designing objects for the new space age. Our exhibition will tell about the development of designers, architects, and engineers directly associated with space exploration. Viewers will see photos of the exterior and interior design of the spaceship “Federation” (“eagle”), find out what tools are needed for the astronauts living and working on space stations and what kind of equipment your employees are using ground-based space services”, — said the Director of the Museum Natalia artyukhina.

The virtual exhibition consists of five sections. The first one is called “Origins of cosmic design.” Virtual visitors will see drawings of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, from the album “Space travel” and photos taken at the First world exhibition of interplanetary machines and mechanisms, held in Moscow in 1927.

The second section “Space technology” will talk about the design in the design of spacecraft. The audience will get acquainted with the works of artist and architect Galina Balashova. She created the interior design of the Soviet manned spacecraft “Soyuz”, “Soyuz-T and Soyuz-19”, orbital (household) compartment of the lunar Orbiter and the space station “Mir”.

The modern design presents the works of futurist Vladimir Pirozhkov. For example, users will see photos of the exterior and interior design of the spaceship “Federation” (“eagle”) and new in-flight uniform depreciation chairs “Cheget”.

In the third section of the exhibition “Architecture extraterrestrial settlements” will be presented projects of lunar bases created by designers in the 1960-1970-ies. Thanks to the fourth section, “the Provision of professional activities of cosmonauts” visitors will learn what tools are needed for the astronauts living and working on space stations in zero gravity and what kind of equipment your employees are using the aerospace services.

Fifth section, “Space suits and flying clothing” will devote the fashion. Visitors will see how the years have changed the astronaut suit and what guided the designers when creating badges and emblems for programs “”Soyuz” — “Apollo” and “Intercosmos”, and space missions on the Mir station and the ISS.

In addition, the educational program of the exhibition, the curators, the staff of the exhibition Department of the Moscow Museum of cosmonautics Catherine Tuckova and Pauline Lysakova will tell about the most interesting exhibits of each section. Videos comments curators can be viewed on the pages of the Museum in social networks “In contact” and Facebook. Like other cultural institutions of the city, the space Museum is now closed for visitors. However, his work continues online. For example, launched a project “Come together”. During broadcasts the audience talk about the collections of museums located in Yekaterinburg, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, St. Petersburg, Klin, and how these cities relate to space. To join the broadcast, you need to register in advance on the Museum’s website.

In addition, the Museum has launched an online project “Space, love” in which you can see a video interview with astronauts, test pilots, scientists and designers. The conversation aired once in two weeks. The duration of each is about 40 minutes. Releases post on the Museum’s website, on its official YouTube channel and on the pages in social networks “Vkontakte” and “Facebook”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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