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Brasília (DF), 20/05/2020 – the staff at the Center of Instruction Admiral Sylvio de Camargo (CIASC), the Military Organization of the Navy and have trained over 20 people to work together in the areas. One of them, the staff of Hospital Municipal Dr. Moacyr Rodrigues do Carmo, the emergency services Unit (PSU) and the Service Mobile Emergency (SAMU), in Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro.At that time, the military Group Operating in the Us Navy, who participated in the Defense, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Radiological (NBQR) desinfectaram areas, such as corridors, restrooms, showers, receptions, waiting rooms, medication, screening, and exit from the site. There was also a presentation of the musicians in the Band, on the Strength of the Marines of the Squadron, which played songs in brazilian music during the event.

Military personnel of the 72nd Battalion of the Infantry, Motorized, Home of the Fighting etc, from the Command of the Military in the north-east, have received training provided by members of the 5th Corps of the Fire department of the Military, in Fact, in the state of Pernambuco. The statement has been developed in two parts: first a theoretical knowledge, where they learned about the precautions to be taken in sanitation, and the types of protective equipment available, and the second is the practical part, when you have been in contact with both the equipment and the check of the uniqueness of each one of them.In the Ribeira, in São Paulo, the military, skilled in the defense, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Radiation of the Group, Operating from the Marine Corps, to the Command of the 8th Naval District, desinfectaram the six units of the hospital. We need an AMBULANCE, a Reference Center for Specialized Social Assistance, in the UPA, the Central point of Reference for the Social Assistance, the Oasis and the Health care of the Family, the Savoy, and the Suarão.

In the Preparatory School of Cadets of the Military EsPCEx it has also been decontaminated by its own members, and military men of the 28th Battalion of the Light Infantry (BIL) – specialized in the Defense of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear power. In the process of clearance to run has been divided into three phases: the application of the sanitizing solution, the application of the water, and, finally, the application of a solution of 70% alcohol.On the 17th, a Regiment of Mechanized Cavalry higienizou of the Health facilities in village Panorama/the Orlando Guitar Town Varocopa/Incorporated, with registered offices in the city of Amambai, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.DoaçõesUm a total of 252 families of indigenous peoples in the region of the Middle Xingu river received the kits for the power supply. Spread across 17 villages, the indians are in the isolation that is caused by a new coronavirus, and by the extreme difficulty of access to the area. The villages served were: Pykayakô, Kamok-tikô, Non-djãn, Kameridjâm, Krimei, Krãnh, Kenoro, Kabakrô, Kenkudjôi, fantastic designer accommodation-krô, Pytakô, Moinoro, Kenkrô, Rapkô, Mrotidjam, the Bacajá and the Pykatun. The action is made by the 51st Infantry Battalion of the Jungle (51° BIS), with the support of the staff of the Funai, has also been made aware of by the indigenous peoples, and by means of the placement of the billboards in the villages, it contains measures relating to the prevention of the Covid-19.Military personnel of the 12th Battalion, which Supply loads of proper personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and 8 million tablets of chloroquine. The shipments have been carried out at the Air Base of Manaus (WARD 8), and the carrier’s third party, for the 12th Military Region (12th-QH).A donation of sangueA the Foundation of Hematology and transfusion medicine in the State of Bahia (Hemoba) is facing low demand from the donor’s blood because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, which has affected the stock levels of the body. To maintain the quota for the donation of the permanent and to show the relevance of the act to the society, the military, the Command Set of the Bahia state have donated blood for the second time since the start of the pandemic. “Today, we are here to reaffirm our commitment to our community and fulfilling our mission to support the health response to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 side,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Smith, of the Army.

Társila Castro, Head of the department of Social welfare of the Hemoba, he emphasizes the importance of the involvement of the military in this and in the other drives before. “This is a very important to all of us, once we have the stock of critical as well as being a partner of the Hemoba at other times,” he said.And in Campo Grande, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, soldiers of the 9th Corps Logistics, the Nucleus of the 9th Battalion of the Health of a Company in the Command of the 9th Corps Logistics have donated blood in the Hemosul. The action contributes to the maintenance of a stock of blood to a minimum on the site, you must comply with the requirements of the population in the south of mato grosso do sul.The operation COVID-19 Ministry of Defence, turned on the 20th of march, the Center for Joint Operations in order to participate in the co-ordination and planning of the use of the Armed Forces in the fight against the COVID-19. In this context, it has been enabled with ten Command Sets, which cover the whole of the national territory, in addition to the Command-Aerospace (COMAE), to operate on a permanent basis. The initiative is part of the efforts of the federal government in the fight against the pandemic, which has received the name of the Operation, COVID-19.

The demands are received by the department of Defense in support of state agencies, municipalities, and others, are analysed and directed to the Command Sets in order to assess the ability of the treatment process. Depending on the complexity of the request, such demands will be submitted to the Office of the Crisis, which will determine the best form of treatment.

For Ten Tássia of the Command ConjuntosFotos: release the Forces ArmadasSaiba most Professionals, and the health of the Army to reinforce the teams at the Hospital of the Garrison of the São Gabriel da Cachoeira, in the AmazonasForças Military work in a number of different actions in response to the new coronavírusParceria back Health strengthens health care for the indigenous population in the northern end of the PaísPara access to the photos of the Operation, COVID-19, please visit the Flickr of the Operation.[embedded content]Advice for Social Communication (Ascom), Ministry of Defence, (61) 3312-4071

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