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Source: European Parliament

At its meeting of 7-8 February 2013 on the subject of direct payments, the European Council agreed to ensure that ‘by 2020 at the latest, all Member States should reach the level of at least EUR 196 per hectare at current prices’. However, the convergence of direct payments has not been achieved yet and is still being pursued.

Despite not having achieved these objectives, the Commission, when preparing its proposal for the so-called CAP transitional regulation, did not mention whether the harmonisation of direct payments would continue in its text. The need to harmonise direct payments has also been discussed on numerous occasions by the European Council in the context of the forthcoming multiannual financial framework.

In this connection:

1. Does the Commission intend to continue the process of external convergence during the transitional period of the CAP?

2. By what year does the Commission plan to fully implement the decision taken at the European Council meeting of 7-8 February 2013?

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