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Source: European Parliament

In March 2020, the review ‘Nature Energy’ published a study which showed that flow-driven turbine power plants could disrupt great ocean currents and even modify their path. (1) The study estimates that underwater turbines can reduce the exploitable power by up to 80%. (2) It is logical that flow-driven turbine power plants cause more damage to other power plants because they change ocean currents.

The study also shows that a change in ocean currents has a negative effect on aquatic biodiversity.

Europe already houses several flow-driven turbine power plants in Norway and in Scotland and will soon have them in France (in Normandy and in Paimpol-Bréhat).

The European Green Deal should make it possible to restore biodiversity while cutting pollution. At times, these projects are at odds with one another.

If the Commission is planning to increase the number of flow-driven turbines in use, what steps does it intend to take to reduce the damage they cause?

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