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Source: European Parliament

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of Member States have reintroduced internal border checks within the Schengen Area, have closed these borders either partially or totally, or closed them to certain types of traveller, including EU citizens or third country nationals residing in the territory of the Member States. This situation gives rise to questions, including the following:

1. What is the Council’s assessment of the internal border checks and various other measures implemented at internal Schengen borders?

2. Is the Council satisfied that the procedures and conditions for the reintroduction of internal border checks and other relevant provisions of the Union acquis have been respected?

3. Against the background of the internal border checks kept in place by some Member States since 2015 and the checks introduced in response to COVID-19, how does the Council envisage returning to a fully functioning Schengen Area without internal border checks?

4. What reforms of the Schengen rules, if any, does the Council envisage to ensure that in the future internal border checks remain truly exceptional and are only in effect for a very limited time?

5. What legal changes or practical steps could the Council consider to improve coordination among Member States and a coordinated European response to common challenges?

Submitted: 18/05/2020

Lapses: 19/08/2020

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