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Source: United Kingdom – Executive Government & Departments

There have been journalists questions about the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

Prof Robin Shattock, Professor of Mucosal Infection and Immunity, Imperial College London, said:

“It’s highly unlikely that a vaccine will be available for use by September.  Generating doses of the vaccine is very different to having the necessary data to show that any vaccine is both safe and effective against COVID-19.  It will be critical to build the evidence base to show a vaccine works before it’s deployed.  This takes time and is dependent on seeing a difference in the number of infections between active vaccine and a placebo.  The lower the transmission rate in the UK, the longer it will take to generate such data.  While UK scientists are actively working on different vaccine approaches there is no guarantee that any individual approach will work.  It’s important not to create false expectations ahead of any break through, where the evidence will speak for itself.”


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Prof Robin Shattock: “Working on a self-amplifying RNA COVID-19 vaccine, developed by Imperial College and funded by the UK government through different agencies including DHSC and NIHR.”

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