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Source: President of Russia – Kremlin

Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers! Dear friends, Congratulations to all graduates of military universities and academies of the Ministry of Defense on Victory Day. And of course, with the successful completion of studies. This is always a milestone, a memorable event in the life of every officer. And for you it is in a special solemn and symbolic. It is a great honor and responsibility to begin the countdown of our future service on our holy day, May 9, when our Motherland and the whole world celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, pay tribute to the immortal feat of the Soviet people, the courage and valor of the soldiers and commanders of the Red the armies that defended the Fatherland, crushed Nazism, saved humanity from slavery and extermination. Our officer corps has always been proud of the historical continuity of many generations of defenders of the Fatherland. The legendary traditions of the Russian army have been and remain a source of spiritual strength and strength of our army. You, the officers of Russia, are the heirs of the Great Victory and, I am sure, you will always keep up with the generation of winners, as they will, honestly and faithfully serve the Motherland. responsible work. The lessons of the Great Patriotic War, the whole history of the country teach us that our army must always be strong, able to respond to any challenges and threats, reliably ensure the sovereignty and national interests of Russia, the security and peaceful life of our citizens. Therefore, we will continue to develop and improve the Armed Forces. Under any circumstances, we will realize the plans we have planned to strengthen all types and types of troops, to equip them with advanced weapons and equipment, including strategic ones, which still have no analogues in the world with high-precision and hypersonic systems, unmanned and automated strike systems. in the coming years, it will be necessary to increase the intensity of combat training, including working out new forms of interaction between troops during surprise inspections using the most advanced technologies that will determine the real face of the Russian army and navy. I am confident that you will professionally and dignifiedly participate in solving all these large-scale tasks, effectively apply the knowledge and skills acquired in universities and academies during operational and combat training, and in the development of modern weapons and equipment. And of course, pay the most serious attention to training your subordinates, educating them in the spirit of patriotism, responsibility, and statutory discipline. The state, our people are counting on you. And we will do everything necessary to provide you with decent conditions of service and life. Dear friends, On this significant day, I want to convey my gratitude to your mentors, all those who taught you in the classrooms and training grounds to “win the science”, to be faithful to the unwritten laws of the military honor and fellowship. I am sure that you will also forever retain a feeling of deep respect and appreciation for your teachers. Once again, I congratulate you on the completion of your studies. I wish you success in the honorable and noble cause of military service to the Fatherland. Health and happiness to your loved ones. Happy Victory Day!


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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