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Brasília (DF), 05/05/2020 – specific Training on fighting the coronavirus, is essential for health care professionals who care for patients suffering from Covid-19. On Tuesday (05), health care facilities of the Armed Forces, have embarked on a training geared to the emergency clinic and was in intensive care for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and nurses.All the activities are started at the same time, in the three Military agencies: the Armed Forces Hospital (HFA), Brasília, in the Federal District, the School, the Health of the Army (EsSEx) in the city of Rio de Janeiro and at the Hospital of the Aircraft from Canoas (HACO), in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul. On the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, through the Secretary of Personnel, Education, Health care and Sports (SEPESD), we evaluated the necessity of the increase of knowledge, with the aim of increasing the number of professionals able to meet the demand resulting from the pandemic of the new coronavirus.The training programs are held over a two day period, with a charge per day of eight hours. Each group counts with a team of 40 professionals, and scheduled training sessions by the end of may, a total of 480 positions distributed throughout the three states. The participants are equipped with cutting edge technology, we use the equipment of the simulation, and a highly skilled staff of the Armed Forces.

The technical-scientific knowledge received to the employees need to work in Intensive care Units (ICU). In the first stage, the training will be aimed at the military, but it is the intention of the SEPESD it is open also to professionals and civilians, according to the demand, and the availability of places on courses made up.The war invertidaEm Brasilia, at the headquarters of the HFA, a team of 40 professionals in this hospital, in addition to the Naval Hospital of Brasília (HNBra), and from the Military Hospital in the Area of Brasilia (HMAB) were part of the opening and the first session of the program in the District of State. On this occasion, the Secretary of Personnel, Education, Health and Sports, the Ministry of Defence, major General of Brazil, Luiz Narvaz Pafiadache, he emphasized the importance of training health care professionals in order to act in particular cases arising out of the new Coronavirus.

“We are in a war and in the opposite direction, where the one who was always there in the background, which are health-care professionals, are now on the front line. We have professionals that are prepared to act, if necessary, in order to meet even the possible problems. We want to provide our hospitals with conditions to stay with their teams for the NICU and healthy,” said the Secretary.The Commander of Logistics of the HFA, major General Rui Yutaka Matsuda, in conjunction with the Director of Technical Education and Research Hospital, General Physician, Geraldo José Rodrigues, welcomed everyone, and pointed out that the purpose of the activity is to share knowledge and to address the current situation of the pandemic, with the structure of the training-of-war.“The enemy has no borders, has no face, has no scent, and her arms aren’t perfectly sized. So, we need to prepare ourselves in the best way, so don’t be surprised,” he said.In the HFA, and the classes are held in the Center of the Simulation of the Realistic (CSR), which carries out the hands-on training, interactive and realistic, using advanced skills to execute the procedures are different, along with the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of health care.

In the morning, the inside of the draft is to promote the fundamental teachings and in particular, to combat the coronavirus have been given lessons on the proper use of personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as to how to operate the ventilator and perform intubation in patients with COVID-19.AtualizaçãoA Lieutenant Rebecca Bizzoto is a neurologist at the Military Hospital in the Area of Brasilia, and has volunteered to participate in the training. “I believe that every physician, at some point during the pandemic, there may be a need to be in the care of the patient with the COVID-19. The course is an opportunity for me to update, remember to test, and to get ready, better still to work in the front line”, it is considered a professional.The Major Milson, cardiologist (heart doctor) in the HFA and is a member of a team of instructors who are teaching in the classroom, “at the initiative of the Ministry of Defence to provide systematic training in the Fight against the Covid-19, and integrating the Armed Forces, is seen by us, and the picture of health, and such a great chance to get knowledge in, as well as how to organize and attitudes in face of situations that are potentially serious.The cardiologist (heart doctor) said that health care workers are dealing directly with the disease as the behavior and treatment not well defined, and stressed the importance of training, and at the same time, it helps in the recycling of technical and scientific cooperation, makes it possible for the real life experience of various situations, using models and cutting-edge technology. “It makes it possible for everyone to be ready to act in a way that’s more streamlined, obtaining thus the best results and minimize the losses. In addition to this, it helps us in developing attributes such as confidence and trust in the team and in the material strength, courage, and resilience, so that we can meet that challenge,” he said to the cardiologist (heart doctor).The operation COVID-19 Ministry of Defence, turned on the 20th of march, the Center for Joint Operations in order to participate in the co-ordination and planning of the use of the Armed Forces in the fight against the COVID-19. In this context, it has been enabled with ten Command Sets, which cover the whole of the national territory, in addition to the Command-Aerospace (COMAE), to operate on a permanent basis. The initiative is part of the efforts of the federal government in the fight against the pandemic, which has received the name of the Operation, COVID-19.The demands are received by the department of Defense in support of state agencies, municipalities, and others, are analysed and directed to the Command Sets in order to assess the ability of the treatment process. Depending on the complexity of your request, you may be referred to the Office for the determine the best form of treatment.In order to access the photos of the Operation, COVID-19, please visit the Flickr of the Operation.For Maritella MarszalekFotos: Alexander ManfrimAssessoria for Social Communication (Ascom), Ministry of Defence, (61) 3312-4071

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