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Here you will find current information about the pandemic Covid 19

01.05.2020 – school and music school of Steinhausen as well as the school plus take time off during the 11. May the operation again. 7. and 8. May use the teachers as a preparation day for the Start of the classroom teaching. The emergency care closes at 8. May.

The school Steinhausen is because the requirements of the Federal government and the Canton of Zug to be re-opening process, in order for these from 11. May to implement can reach.

You can expect us to provide the following documents (as not all information was available, adjustments were made to the dates):

Starting On Monday 4. May (Delivery 5. May) we will send all parents and legal guardian a letter by Mail. Content the basic parameters of the re-opening of the school, and the protective measures we take as a school.
As Of Monday, 4. May you find all of the created information sheets and the parent letter on our Website.
Additional documents will continue to switch on our Website.

Please note below the new media message from the 29.4.2020 – protection concepts.

22.04.2020 – school Steinhausen is preparing for the classroom, which is for the compulsory schools from the 11. May will only be possible again. The Federal Council shall regulate the conditions for the re-recording of the classroom activities and 29. April set. All parents and carers a Letter will be authorised by the school, to the knowledge of the basic parameters for re-recording of the classroom activities get. In the Letter it will be mentioned how the school is with the events up to the summer holiday deal.

The ban on public Assembly is from the Federal government, from the 8. June will be gradually eased. For more details, see the Federal Council is on 27. May decide.

On the last two days of open and Distance learning (in the case of a Start-up of the classroom activities on the 11. In may, this would be the 7. and 8. May) is taken to be the distance learning and the teachers prepare for the Start of the classroom activities.

The Board of education of the Canton of Zug is on 6. May decide, as with notes and certificates this Semester is to deal. We will inform parents and guardians in a separate Letter to these decisions.The Letter from the school to parents and guardians, we will be on our Website connecting.

16.04.2020 – From the press conference and the media message of the Federal Council dated 16. April 2020, the school Steinhausen extracts the following information for the further work:

11. May want to open the compulsory schools. The decision of the Federal Council, which falls on 29 September. April 2020. The presence of instruction (regular instruction) at the school and music school in Steinhausen no earlier than this date.

On 8. June to open the middle, vocational, technical colleges and universities, but also leisure establishments such as libraries (library). The decision is made by the Federal Council on the 27. In may 2020.

The emergency care for children of parents in system-related Occupations will continue at least until Friday, 8. In may 2020.

Please note below the new media message from the 16.4.2020 – easing plan.

09.04.2020 – The Federal Council has the currently valid measures up to 26. April extended. He reports that thereafter, the measures should be eased with caution and gradually. What this will mean exactly for the operation of the school, can after the age of 16. April will be more closely evaluated. Until then the Federal Council will decide on the Details of relaxations.

From the age of 17. April, we are operating you once again about the impact on the school and the emergency care inform.

Please note below the new media message from the 9.4.2020 holidays from distance learning

03.04.2020 – choosing a career : advice and information to the profession, study, or career, the career information centre (BIZ) by phone, email or Skype. Especially all young people, which can make in the career choice process are affected. Note the media release at the bottom of the box.

Children and young people in long-distance lessons and in the holidays to accompany”: During the spring holiday of the distance education is exposed to. The Canton of Zug, supports parents with the brochure “children and young people in long-distance lessons and in the holidays to accompany“. Digital brochure is to find. The brochure will be switched on soon up.

Use of the libraries: In the week before the spring holiday (6.-9. April 2020) will be offered an exceptional rental opportunity in the libraries field of home and Sunnegrund. The Rental process will be such that according to a received order for a time to Pick up is assigned to, without an actual contact is necessary. Already used media can be in a box in front of the media libraries is returned.The exact procedure is on the online of the respective media libraries catalogues can be seen. Below you will find Links to the online catalogues:library Field: Sunnegrund:

31.03.2020 – The decision of the Federal Council, which statements in accordance with the 19. April 2020 (during spring break), it will be done relatively shortly before that date.This does not mean that we know probably to the spring vacation at the beginning of the whether after the holidays, at best, the classroom can take place or continue distance learning is valid.We will inform you in due course on our Website.The registration forms for the emergency care during the spring break, you can find below. Please note deadlines for re-registration.

30.03.2020 – career choices : the Newsletter of choice of profession currently, the vocational information centre (BIZ): Due to the current Situation, the BIZ and the library for the public is closed. The BIZ holds the offer to the extent possible. Consultations Ref. Career choice take place by phone or Mail or a combination of both. If the students want it and deal with it, other channels such as video chat or Facetime possible.Interested parties can arrange, through the Secretariat, BIZ an appointment and be contacted to the agreed time of the consultation person. Call the BIZ from 08.15 to 11.45 and from 13.30 to 17.00 PM 041 728 32 18.Students of the 2. The upper level stuck in the middle of their career choice process and to log in to our needs despite the current Situation, for a consultation, provided you can imagine the telephone. However, it is also possible that you register with the competent advice person, if you want to make, for example, an interest test, information about a particular profession are looking for, or else to specific questions. Beat Schuler (head of office for vocational education and training) understands the Concerns of parents and learners in the vocational choice process. The current situation hinders the regular flow of the career choice process. (for example, introductory lessons, interviews, etc.). Also in terms of the teaching year 2020/21 continue learning to the same extent recruited. All operations will continue to be on professionals to depend. On the topic of recruitment, a working group is used, which promptly possible solutions (e.g., prolongation of the recruitment phase, communication measures, etc.). It is checked whether a more flexible training start date would be possible, and whether in individual sectors of late, teachers can tickets be. As soon as concrete solutions are available, will inform the office for vocational education and training via the existing communication channels.

26.03.2020 – The Canton is based on the Federal government with regard to the duration of the school closure. As long as no measures to keep the Federal government decided, will be held in the distance learning as well as the emergency care more. The measures of the Federal government apply, as it is known until the 19th century. April 2020. Since this date is in the spring holiday, apply for the community schools the following arrangements:

Without further measures by the Federal Council, it will not change the location for the school in Steinhausen.
Distance learning no longer takes place on good Friday. From then on, the lessons will be suspended until the end of the spring holidays. The office of community schools (AGS) is a collection of ideas available online, where tips and Links for the volunteers, unaccompanied, Learning and employment are during the spring break. The Link to we are after receiving intrude.
How to do it after the Easter holidays for the school classes (regular classes / distance learning), is of further decisions of the Federal Council.
As the supply of emergency care will look like during the spring holidays, we can expected to be available from Monday, 30. March 2020 tell.
Rumor way you could hear that a repetition of the school year will be discussed. The school year is not repeated in any case.

19.03.2020 – current state of emergency care: The number of seats in the emergency care be used in the Moment a little. Priority for the seats in the emergency care, the children of parents in the system of the relevant Professions. For other groups of people, the school decides on a possible inclusion.

17.03.2020 – According to the arrangement of the extraordinary situation by the Federal Council, see below, is a customized parent letter.

16.03.2020 – The registration forms for emergency care, as well as the information about the distance learning you will find below the documents. The offer is aimed at children of parents who work in the system of the relevant Profession (such as Nurses in healthcare organizations, Physicians, or police officers.

13.03.2020 – attention: Please note that the school plus is set immediately, there is also no lunch table.

In the case of uncertainties or questions, please contact the following addresses:Hotline Canton of Zug:041 728 49 00 / E-Mail (Operating times are daily 08.00 – 17.00), the Federal office for health (BAG):Infoline Coronavirus: 058 463 00 00 /

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