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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

30. in April, the Country’s president, Egils Levits, organised a virtual debate with the economists and of economic industry experts and to discuss about the strategic and the Latvian economic recovery is at Covid, a 19-crisis. The discussion was a focus on such topics as the economic crisis, social security, economic recovery and sustainable growth.“In latvia at the same time to think about all the crises in all aspects of both the health system and the strengthening of the social assistance and economic recovery and growth. The key to this process is a commitment and a wise investment, as it is a transparent, jointly and severally, and the economic point of view,” says the State minister Egils Levits.When talking about the economic crisis, the negotiations the participants discussed having a national and global level, should be the focus of attention. In turn, the meaning of the social security, was the focus of the state support measures in an emergency situation, what will be the impact on the lives of the people of Latvia’s economic stability and the sustainability of it. see the business of sustainability.Similarly, the participants in the discussion exchanged views on the economic sabremzēšanās of the European Union, and the world in the medium term, the impact on Latvia of the for it. see the service and manufacturing sectors, exports and the state budget. It was suggested also by the direction in which the jāfokusē the public investment program for the economy of Latvia for heating.Turning to economic growth, they also discussed what changes are to be expected in the world economy as a whole, as well as the goods and services, supply chains and foreign investment in the dynamics. During the conversation it was noted that the eligibility criteria for companies should be clear and transparent, as well as to focus on those businesses that would be sustainable and capable of adapting to the new environment.From a number of the minister of economics, John Vitenbergs, the Bank of Latvia president Martins presence of russia, the bank’s “Luminor”, the main economist of the Peter Brook, a World Bank senior economist Karlis Smits, the Latvian Electrical engineering and electronics industry association president, Sandra Berg, and the European Investment bank for the Baltic to the office of a senior officer of the He-Wolf.


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