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MIL OSI-C. Region: Latin/Latin America

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Brasília (DF), 01/05/2020, THE Operation Covid-19 the following activity for the whole of the country, in fighting the coronavirus, and is in support of the population and in social isolation. Each and every day, are enhanced with the action of the disinfection of the places where there is a great deal of movement of people, distribution of food, and the red blood cells, among other things, essential at that time unheard of, by which the world is passing away. The needs are many, and the Armed Forces are at the service of the nation. Up to now, there are more than 29 thousand of the military, and a thousand carriages, with 102 ships and 34 aircraft involved in the mission.The Command Set of the North, in the city of Belém (PA), the military carried out the action of distributing leaflets to raise the awareness of the population about the preventive measures of the disease.They have also supported the Red Cross society in delivering bars of soap, donated by the company’s Nature. In this condition, and is being held in the clearance in the region of the Archipelago of the Marajó island from the 27th day of April of each year. All the activities are carried out in the region of marajoara based on the cleanliness of municipal markets, public squares, piers, terminals, waterways, and health care facilities.Rio Branco (AC), the military were supported by the government of the state in the distribution of the 437 tons of food. The action has benefited more than 29 thousand people.

In Rio de Janeiro, the Command Set of the East, held for the sanitation of the Bus station from Duque de Caxias, in the Baixada Fluminense. The activity of preventing and combating coronavirus has been carried out by the military, in the Navy, specializing in Defense, Biological, Nuclear, Chemical, and Radiological (BNQR), in conjunction with the agencies of the municipal government of Duque de Caxias and with the young people who are trained to work in emergency locations. The uv disinfection has been made in the areas of circulation of people, as well as litter bins, seats and columns of the display.In São Paulo, the military, the Army, and they made for the disinfection of the main terminal of the bus and at the bus station in the city of Osasco. The mission aims to reduce the rate of transmission of the virus, because once the chemical is released into the environment, and the COVID-19, is over-ridden. Also, in São Paulo, SP, brazil), has been made for the delivery of up to 110 food baskets for the local Food Bank, in Campinas, brazil, to benefit low-income families.

A military Aircraft brought the materials of the Military Organizations of the Baixada Santista region (são paulo state) in order to equip a field hospital in the city of Peruíbe, in the fight against the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The Air Force has carried out the transport respirator, hospital of the city of Manaus (AM) to Guarulhos (são paulo state).

Campo Grande (MS), the Command to Set that West performed for the remediation of the Regional Hospital of Mato Grosso do Sul state.In the South, the Army took 862 food baskets to Sao Borja (BRAZIL) to Santiago (rio grande do sul). The baskets will be delivered to the Schools in the State of Santiago, Unistalda, Itacurubi, and Cap on the Way.In the state, the military, the Army, in conjunction with the National Indian Foundation (Funai), the society distributed food baskets to the villages of the indigenous Creek Flat, in the town of Guajará-Mirim, and in the Igarapé Ribeirão, in the municipality of Nova Mamoré.The operation COVID-19 Ministry of Defence, turned on the 20th of march, the Center for Joint Operations in order to participate in the co-ordination and planning of the use of the Armed Forces in the fight against the COVID-19. In this context, it has been enabled with ten Command Sets, which cover the whole of the national territory, in addition to the Command-Aerospace (COMAE), to operate on a permanent basis. The initiative is part of the efforts of the federal government in the fight against the pandemic, which has received the name of the Operation, COVID-19.The demands are received by the department of Defense in support of state agencies, municipalities, and others, are analysed and directed to the Command Sets in order to assess the ability of the treatment process. Depending on the complexity of your request, you may be referred to the Office for the determine the best form of treatment.In order to access the photos of the Operation, COVID-19, please visit the Flickr of the Operation.Do Alvarenga, with input from the Command ConjuntosFotos: Disclosure of

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