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This year, volunteers more than 560 independently extinguished fire and almost 2.9 thousand times participated in combat with fire, along with professional firefighters.

EMERCOM of Russia has always highlighted the tremendous contributions of volunteers in the common cause of salvation, and is actively developing the voluntary fire brigade.

One of the examples of effective activities of fire volunteers demonstrates Republic of Bashkortostan, on the territory of which there are 976 units of the voluntary fire brigade (hereafter DPO), their total population – nearly 3.5 thousand people, equipped with more than 690 units.

In the whole country for the 2019 units DPO participated in the elimination of more than 1.9 thousand fires, including yourself, volunteers have been able to eliminate more than 170 homes. Also, volunteer teams of the region participated in extinguishing forest fires 23, 12 of which are eliminated by the volunteers themselves. And easy more than 760 times participated in the elimination of burning grass, in 160 cases they have coped with a fire independently.

Since the beginning of this year units of the voluntary fire protection of the Republic have taken part in the elimination of more than 400 fires and extinguishing over 60 burning grass. Volunteers actively conduct and promotion of fire safety rules.

Glavnoe UPRAVLENIE MCHS Rossii po Respublike Bashkortostan makes a significant contribution to the development of voluntary fire protection. So, the rescuers passed to the volunteers of redundant fire equipment and sharing professional skills.

Here are just a few vivid examples of how units of the DPO in conjunction with the departments of State fire service actively participate in fighting fires, including a major.

So, on March 2 in the village of Ninetines Baltachevskogo district the fire occurred, which damaged dvukhtochechnoi farm buildings. The fire was immediately sent forces and means of the Federal fire service and voluntary fire brigades Nizhneserginskogo, Savadisla, Tarculovski Stalinskogo and rural councils. Despite the fact that the fire occurred in a building with a large area, units were able to quickly prevent the spread of fire and to extinguish the fire.

March 6 volunteer fire brigades Repetowski, Kalashnikova and chekmagushevskogo rural councils were involved to extinguish the fire in the village of Novobokino chekmagushevsky district. As a result of a fire fire damaged a room in a disused brick building. Competent actions of participants of fire extinguishing is not allowed to spread fire to other areas. The fire was extinguished in the shortest possible time.

At the poultry farm in the village of Singac-Kul Chishminsky district March 16, 2020 a fire occurred in which result the fire damaged trim, doors, and insulation of the ceiling brick of the building. On elimination of a fire was also involved divisions of voluntary fire teams Singac-Kul rural Council, chishminskaya sugar factory and Chishminsky Elevator. Thanks to the skillful actions of the units has significantly reduced the damage from the fire and to seek its elimination in a short time.

7 April 2020, a fire occurred in the village of Novoberde chekmagushevsky district. As a result of a fire fire damaged a single-storey farm building. On fire extinguishing were involved in voluntary fire brigades Resovskogo, Baltachevskogo, Imashevskoe Taynyashevskiy and rural councils. The fire was extinguished in the shortest possible time and to evacuate livestock.

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