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Source: China State Council Information Office

On April 13, Liu Qing, president of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, received a reassuring message from his business partner in Copenhagen. Karin Vith Ankerstjerne, the general manager of Innovation House China-Denmark, who had been diagnosed with COVID-19, said that she was getting better after taking traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
A few days ago, Ankerstjerne had told Liu that she was in a serious condition and quarantined at home, feeling exhausted and fatigued in bed.
Ankerstjerne received treatment from a TCM doctor in Copenhagen. She said that the TCM had alleviated her symptoms, especially her dyspnea. Her mother, husband, and daughter, who had also contracted COVID-19, were also improving after taking TCM.
Ankerstjerne told Liu Qing that she first found out about TCM treatment from a news report of a Chinese press conference on Feb. 21 during which Xu Nanping, a vice minister of science and technology, briefed that “TCM has been used in the treatment for more than 60,000 confirmed cases accounting for more than 85% of the national total. In general, the TCM treatment has certain effects, and the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine has proven to be very effective.”
Ankerstjerne’s company, Innovation House China-Denmark, is one of the offshore incubators of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, a Chinese TCM company.
Ankerstjerne was able access to Chinese medicine in Copenhagen due to the large number of Chinese medicine doctors who have gone abroad to treat patients.
The doctor who treated Ankerstjerne, Dr. Zhou Pengyan, has been engaged in Chinese medicine treatment and teaching in Denmark since 1990. 
He said that since the outbreak of pandemic, the number of people who have turned to TCM treatment has increased a lot. So far, he has treated around 60 patients infected with COVID-19. “As long as the patients receive treatment at an early stage, the effect is very positive.”
Ankerstjerne is very confident in using TCM for treatment. She expressed her admiration of the Chinese government for its effective measures of containing the COVID-19, and that she will continue to take Chinese medicine.
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