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Source: Government of Queensland

Jeff Horn, Gretel Bueta, Suzie O’Neill and John Millman are just some of the home-grown heroes teaming up to help their fellow Queenslanders through COVID-19.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk tasked her ministers to find new ways to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of Queenslanders during coronavirus closures.

The answer is Boost Your Healthy: a series of online videos and tips turning backyards into gyms and using Queensland’s sporting greats as personal trainers and motivators.

Health Minister Steven Miles said it includes a number of world-class, free Queensland initiatives already making thousands of Queenslanders healthier and avoiding illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Mr Miles commended the great work Queenslanders had done to flatten the curve and curb COVID-19 cases in the State, and congratulated them for some of the healthy new habits they had picked up along the way.

“Queenslanders have been looking after their health not only by staying inside to flatten the curve, but also by taking up new healthy habits while staying safe indoors,” Mr Miles said.

“Whether it’s dusting off the running shoes, doing workouts in your living room, or making homemade meals from scratch, we’ve taken important steps to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

“That’s why we’re releasing a series of activities, with the help of some Queensland heroes, to help keep these healthy habits going as restrictions begin to be lifted.”

“We’ll be releasing daily workouts with Queensland greats like Jeff Horn and Gretel Bueta, so whether you’re working out in your living room, or local park, you’re keeping your mind and body healthy.”

Sport Minister Mick de Brenni said Queenslanders were desperate to see their heroes back in maroon, and joining their heroes for a range of accessible workouts was the perfect tonic to make sure they kept up the good work.

“Queenslanders have had to change the way they live their lives during COVID-19; one of the positive outcomes is that people have been taking more of a conscious effort to look after their health.

“As we start to move to a place where life could return to normal, we should ask ourselves what do we want to change when we are able to move around more, and what new habits do we want to keep?

“Boost Your Healthy provides a wealth of resources that Queenslanders can access to add a bit more healthy to life, whether we are staying indoors, or getting out of the house once more.

“There are heaps of activities that you and your family can get involved with, and you don’t have to have world champion fitness to take part.

Mr Miles and Mr de Brenni took a walk today to log their steps toward the Billion Step Challenge.

“Queenslanders love a challenge, which is why I’m motivating you and your family to get fit this winter, like through the Billion Step Challenge—where Queenslanders can work together to collectively meet a truly momentous exercise goal,” Mr de Brenni said.

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