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Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Accordingly, test results have shown that the VinaPhone5G network achieved a download throughput of more than 2.2 Gbps, 10 times faster than the 4G network and a latency of almost zero.

These results are close to the world’s 5G standards and the best 5G test results ever achieved in Vietnam.

In order to secure 5G testing results, VNPT cooperated with the world’s leading 5G equipment manufacturers to enabled advanced features and optimise the network structure.

The speed of VinaPhone 5G network has been tested in services requiring high broadband speed, low latency such as virtual reality interaction (AR/VR), Cloud Game (an online game), 8K videos, etc.

According to a VNPT representative, the VinaPhone 5G network will not only provide high-speed data, but also helps create a digital ecosystem for users and e-government platforms, smart cities, among others.

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