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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Doug LaMalfa 1st District of California

Apr 30, 2020

Press Release

A One Size Fits All Approach Won’t Work for California

(Chico, CA) – Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) spoke with Governor Gavin Newsom yesterday afternoon along with the entire bi-partisan California Congressional delegation. During the call Congressman LaMalfa asked Governor Newsom to recognize the differences in the regions of the state and that many areas including much of Northern California has already met or surpassed his previous criteria for beginning to reopen.

LaMalfa said: “Cities, counties, individuals, and businesses across Northern California have been contacting me to help give them answers on when we can begin to responsibly reopen parts of our region.  Much of the North State has already surpassed the guidelines Governor Newsom previously laid out. Butte County hasn’t had a new case in 16 days and many northern counties haven’t had a single case. In consultation with local health departments and County Boards of supervisors, there is a responsible way to begin reopening large parts of Northern California. We shouldn’t have to wait for Los Angeles or San Francisco to meet the goals we already have surpassed. If the reverse was true, we certainly wouldn’t see the state waiting on us to reopen major cities. My discussion with the Governor today was to recognize the reality that if he didn’t move, the counties and local communities would likely open without approval. Its best if we work together to open with a plan, but if not – it is still going to happen.”