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Source: United States House of Representatives – Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL-13)


Washington, DC, April 30, 2020 St. Petersburg, FL – U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL) released the following statement regarding National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) announcement of plans to build the human lunar landing systems that will return Americans to the surface of the Moon. “NASA’s lunar lander announcement is a critical step in carrying the first woman and next man to the surface of the Moon by 2024,” said Rep. Crist. “Some of our most innovative American companies will compete to provide this critical service. It’s exciting, and Florida, as America’s leader in space and home to the Kennedy Space Center where these missions will be launched, will be leading the way to the Moon, Mars, and beyond!” NASA has selected three U.S. companies to design and develop human landing systems (HLS) for the agency’s Artemis program, putting them on track for sustainable human exploration of the Moon for the first time in history. The following companies were selected to design and build human landing systems through awards granted under the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships. • SpaceX will develop the Starship – a fully integrated lander that will use the SpaceX Super Heavy rocket. • Blue Origin, along with Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Draper, will develop the Integrated Lander Vehicle (ILV) – a three-stage lander to be launched on its own New Glenn Rocket System and ULA Vulcan launch system. • Dynetics will develop the Dynetics Human Landing System (DHLS) – a single structure providing the ascent and descent capabilities that will launch on the ULA Vulcan launch system.  MIL OSI USA News