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Source: US State of West Virginia

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“You’ll remember that way back in the early days of March, I came to you and I said, ‘It’s not time to panic, it’s time to be cautious. It’s not time to be fearful, it’s time to be smart. It’s not time to be weak, it’s time to be West Virginia strong,’” Gov. Justice said.

“Just look what you’ve done,” Gov. Justice continued. “You have absolutely not panicked, you’ve been cautious. You’ve not been fearful, you’ve been smart. You’ve not been weak, you’ve been West Virginia strong.

“You’ve led the nation. I could not be more proud. Now let’s just keep it up.”

The Governor’s “Safer At Home” order provides additional new guidelines for individuals, businesses, public gatherings, and more.

The new order will be modified each week throughout the duration of “The Comeback” reopening plan.