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Source: Russia – Prosecutor Generals Office

In the afternoon will report on the results of work of prosecution bodies in the sphere of protection of the rights of veterans of the great Patriotic war in Moscow.Under the heading “Peace and order” in the framework of the series “the world About the positive experience of prosecutors” will tell about the activities of the Supervisory authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.On the work of the Prosecutor’s office of Moscow in the sphere of labor rights protection will be discussed under the heading “Criminal trend”.

The program “Live” on Thursday 30 April 2020:

· “Clean environment”. Analysis Of Lake Baikal.· “Special powers”. The Prosecutor and the ruble.· “Crime trend”. One good turn deserves another: on the work of the Prosecutor’s office of Moscow to protect the rights of citizens to pay.· “Peace and order”. The cycle “On the world positive experience of prosecutors”. Cyprus.· “0 “. “Not to leave the room” or the public Prosecutor’s check of game quest rooms.· “You’re live”. About social support of veterans of the great Patriotic war in Moscow.· “Crime trend”. On the powers of the Prosecutor in the sphere of supervision over the use of rights of way of Railways.· “Business of life”. To know. To remember…· “Neither give nor take”. Interaction of bodies of Prosecutor’s office with representatives of civil society and the expert community when carrying out anti-corruption expertise.

· “Clean environment”. The responsible treatment of animals to be.This and other news can be found on the information and communication service of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation “ETHER” at:


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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