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Source: Russia – Council of the Federation

The proposal aims to support citizens that demand, affected industries and systematycznie enterprises, said the Senator.

The Federation Council has sent proposals in the third package of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus and support the economy, said the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Nikolay Zhuravlev. Zhuravliniy Andreabocelli from the Executive body of state power of the Kostroma region

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Nikolay Zhuravlev, who is the representative of the Federation Council at the Coordination Council under the Government of the Russian Federation on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation, reported that there have been numerous proposals of senators, the majority of which were analysed and sent to the first and second packages of government measures. “Many of the earlier measures already considered by the Government. Another proposal aims to support citizens that demand, affected industries and systematycznie enterprises.”

Many of the earlier measures already considered by the Government

The document contains proposals for the implementation of advanced procurement for state needs with the aim of supporting domestic producers, accelerating the passage of funds from large manufacturers to suppliers to maintain a larger number of enterprises involved in the production chain. Among the proposed measures encourage the use of factoring, legal framework for the establishment of the Fund affected assets, in which there is the opportunity to transfer such assets with their compulsory repurchase.In connection with the need to support the budgets of the individual regions proposed to remove current restrictions on attraction of additional financing by reducing the established to the regions requirements, he said.According to him, the possibility of granting state guarantees of the regional enterprises at the interregional level. In connection with the introduction of the mechanism of vacation credit the document proposes to eliminate the taxation encountered by citizens of income from unpaid interest during the grace period, to make the necessary regulatory changes to empower families with many children qualify for state payment of mortgage loans, as well as to expand the list of entities permitted to reduce payroll taxes.Senators also proposed to expand the list of recipients of subsidies for working capital, including regional systematycznie of the organization, to include identification of revenue small and medium businesses according to NACE, to provide targeted support in particular the most affected industry.


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