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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

Dear friends, Democrats, I sincerely congratulate you all today on the celebration of the first century of our democracy. Today marks the centenary since the first parliament elected by free elections of all Latvian citizens – the Latvian Constitutional Assembly – and the dream of public employees. The idea of ​​the Constitutional Assembly that all Latvian citizens could elect their own representatives to decide the future of the country was always present in their plans for the future of Latvia. The elections to the Constitutional Assembly confirmed that the country’s preparations had succeeded and that Latvia had forever become a strong state rooted in the Latvian national will. The war of independence for Latvia culminated in the Constitutional Assembly elections, high citizen participation and . In the War of Independence, the nation had defended the new state’s right to exist with weapons in its hands. At the Constitutional Assembly, the nation exercised its self-determination and affirmed its will to live in an independent, democratic republic. All Latvian citizens in the whole territory of Latvia wanted one Constitutional Assembly, and for the first time in history the Latvian nation had the opportunity to unite for common future decision-making and further life in a united state. . Voters waited from the Constitutional Assembly for the development of the Satversme and the implementation of agrarian reform. In particular, the agrarian reform created the much-needed economic basis for social peace in Latvian society and the revival of the economy after the war. The Constitutional Assembly also had to develop many laws so necessary for the new state and lead the country towards peace and international recognition. The Constitutional Assembly performed the tasks entrusted to it with a high sense of responsibility towards the people of Latvia and future generations. Their achievements provided an opportunity for the flourishing of Latvia’s democracy, and even after a century we live in Latvia, which was based on the decisions adopted by the Constitutional Assembly. Behind each member of the Constitutional Assembly were many, many Latvian citizens who had entrusted him with their longings and dreams. However, the most important decisions were made unanimously by the Constitutional Assembly, and the Latvian people were equally unanimous in these decisions. Our Constitutional Assembly determined that Latvia would be an independent republic with a democratic state system in which sovereign power belongs to the Latvian people. will be a parliamentary democracy. The Latvian state is the common cause, common responsibility and common participation of all its citizens. This is what the Constitutional Assembly saw a century ago, and we see it today. The first century of our democracy has not been easy. In this century, we have had the efforts of the occupation regime to destroy the state of Latvia, our people and our national will. At the same time, in this century we have also had strong democrats who have always reminded and advocated an independent and democratic Latvia. In this century, we have witnessed the rebirth of democracy and the restoration of the state system enshrined in the Constitution. Today, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of May 4, we can appreciate the benefits of parliamentary democracy. Parliamentary democracy symbolizes and reflects our common and collegial responsibility for Latvia. We do not have the reliance on a firm hand or a single sage who alone can make all the necessary decisions for others. Every citizen has the opportunity and the obligation to be involved in the governance of their country. We manage Latvia collegially, expressing our vision to each of us, our thoughts on development scenarios, looking for like-minded people and finding compromises. In a democracy, our future is in our own hands. It will only depend on our own knowledge, skills and decisions. In a democracy, the involvement and active participation of every citizen in the conduct of public affairs is important. Today, I would like to call on every citizen of Latvia to be active and participatory in our democracy. Follow events, delve into problems, discuss with families and friends about the issues of state life, as well as constantly improve knowledge and skills for successful participation in deciding our future. Let us remember today the representatives of our people in the Constitutional Assembly. Our democracy has always been strong with great democrats. Especially the Latvian Constitutional Assembly was their time. Jānis Čakste and Rainis, Francis Trasuns and Pauls Šimanis, Zigfrīds Anna Meierovics and Marģers Skujenieks, Fēlikss Cielēns and Arveds Bergs, and many, many others. Let’s increase and strengthen democratic values ​​in the holidays and in everyday life! Let Latvia’s democracy always be strong! Let’s be strong in our belief in democracy!


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