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令和 2 years, 4 months, 30 days, Prime Minister Abe at the Prime Minister’s office conference was conducted.

Prime,令和 2 fiscal year supplementary budget for the establishment and the emergency Declaration of the extension, stated the following.

“The business scale of 117 trillion yen, the largest supplementary budget in the past, has been established. I would like to thank all the members of the ruling and opposition parties for their cooperation in the early establishment. We will start accepting continuous benefit payments that will deliver up to 2 million yen cash to small businesses.The fastest, the earliest, with a sense of speed from May 8th, and for use We will deliver this cash without restrictions.Also, you can receive loans with no interest, no collateral, deferral of principal for up to 5 years at local banks, credit lines and credit groups near you. Payment of taxes and social insurance premiums will be postponed.We will deliver such support to everyone who is struggling hard in this difficult situation as soon as possible, and will definitely protect business and employment. About three weeks have passed since the emergency declaration was issued, during which time the people of Japan have refrained from going out or continue working at home. Also, due to the school holidays, the children lose the important time spent studying and playing with their friends and spending time together, and also really burden the father and mother. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the cooperation we have received in this way.Thank you very much.5 consecutive holidays will start from the day after tomorrow. If so, it’s Golden Week that everyone is looking forward to, but if you loosen it now, your efforts will be wasted. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, please refrain from going out .. Regarding the declaration of the emergency until May 6, and the subsequent response, experts should identify various data. I will make a final decision, but for the current extremely harsh medical field, and for all medical staff who are really making efforts to save as many lives as possible at this time as well. Considering the burden, we recognize that the current situation is very severe.I think it will be difficult to return to the old days from May 7. We must be prepared for some endurance battle. I would like to say that, in order to overcome this difficulty together with all the citizens, we will deliver a flat rate of 100,000 yen per person based on this supplementary budget. I will With the cooperation of local governments, we will do our best to deliver the products as soon as possible. I would like to fully utilize the supplementary budget of 117 trillion yen for this business scale to support household and living, business and employment, and to overcome the difficult situation that can be said to be a national crisis together with the people. To that end, I am determined to do everything possible. “

“The extended period of the extent that you can, this is for professionals to talk and think.”

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