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Source: President of Russia – Kremlin

Vladimir Putin: Dear friends, good afternoon, can everyone see and hear me? I’m glad to see you all very much. Unfortunately, we cannot invite everyone to our meeting who are involved in charitable activities, volunteering, volunteering. You know, I just had a desire to meet at least with those who can be gathered, and, as they say in such cases, I would like to greet and thank all of you, all without exception people who, at the call of their hearts, responded to the problems that people have faced. I would like to start our meeting with sincere gratitude and gratitude to everyone who is now It helps people: volunteers, employees of nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, cultural figures, athletes, journalists – generally to everyone who in these difficult days did not stand aside and showed spiritual generosity, and sometimes real civic heroism, without any exaggeration. Russia has always been famous for brave people. We have a feat and asceticism – words that are close in meaning. And always, at all times, in all historical epochs, we have opposed any adversity with the whole world, joining forces. This is in traditions, literally in the blood of our people, in its genetic, cultural code. And now we are together again. You prove this with your selfless work, your willingness to respond to pain, your willingness to care for those who need it, to respond to the problems of other people, to be where they are waiting for you, need your help. Volunteers, socially oriented NGOs have united, put a shoulder to the state , society, work in medical and social institutions, help in the purchase of food and medicine for the elderly and people with disabilities. I repeat: you are where you need help. This is the most important thing. I ask the participants in our meeting to tell about their work. I am convinced that you have something to be proud of; your example should inspire others. And of course, I would like to hear about the problems that you face, about what kind of help and support you yourself need. I will be happy to hear your thoughts on assessments of the current situation and how, in your opinion, everyone needs to move forward together, in order to overcome all the difficulties so far. Please. To be continued.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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